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Coroplast Where can I find cheap coroplast in Virginia Beach


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Feb 20, 2012
I need one 4x8 sheet. I dont care what color I need to know where I can buy it. Or if anyone is selling any in my area. If so Id have to talk to my parents before I said yes.
Do you have a phone book? If so, look up "sign store" or "sign shop" and call each one to see if they have it, and how much. There's a wide variety in what's charged! Also ask if they will cut it to size for you.
Im in the phone book at the moment trying to find some. Most of them only sell 18"x24" coroplast or they want 100.00 for one sheet. Ive asked for damaged and they say they cant sell it.
100 dollars is ridiculous. Don't ever get that. You could check an online phone book also, it might be a bit more up to date. Push come to shove, you could check your local home improvement store. I found some cheep there, they were small pieces, but cheap. Push come to shove you could do that and tape them together.
It is. I found a place online that has a sheet for 12.46 but id need cargo truck shipping which will get very expensive! I cant start building the cage till the summer, but I am glad I started looking now! I never knew how hard it was to find coroplast
If your willing to drive, the are places here in Manassas that is $25 per sheet. Make sure you tell them you want it for a guinea pig cage- so they don't think you are buying it to make your own signs.

You can also tell the election people they can put a sign in your yard and use that... if you cover it with fleece no one will ever know..
You can always use a shower curtain liner instead of coroplast to line the cage. You can buy them very cheaply at a dollar store.
I read about a place on the forum that said I can get it for $10 with writing on it. Im going to try them and if that doesnt work I make have to make the long drive
I also replied on your other thread but I wanted to let you know that I got my coroplast from D & L Supply on Lynnhaven. I paid around $20 for it.
Thanks thats where I was planning on getting it!
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