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Coroplast Where can I buy coroplast? Or a better substitute?


Cavy Slave
Dec 29, 2011
I know you can get it online but I really would like to get it in person. Is there anything that works just as well as coroplast?
You should check some local plastics warehouses or sign shops (they often make signs from coroplast). Or those lawn-front campaign posters are made from it too. And some warehouses use it as dividers for their stock. I thought online coroplast was the way to go, until someone pointed out that the $14 sheet would be $50 to ship :eek:hmy:! If you do find a local sign shop, tell them it's for a cage, or they might think you're another sign shop who ran out of materials and is using their stock, and decide to be meanies about the competition. Or, (broken link removed) has a lot of locations, maybe you can find one nearby.
This ((broken link removed)) is probably a better link for finding a location, there's one in Wisconsin (Milwaukee) so hopefully that's near you.
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