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Bonding When should I start handling my guinea pigs?


Cavy Slave
Apr 14, 2012
[h=1]I got two 3 week old guinea pigs three days ago. When should I start handling them (pulling them out of the cage and petting them)?They take veggies from my hand already if that means anything. Also, do you know any helpful tips when it comes to handling new and scared guinea pigs?:eek:hmy:[/h]
One of the members here has an awesome plan I want to use in the future (when I'm ready to get guinea pigs of my own). Sleep with a towel and throw it in their cage so they can get accustomed to your scent. Pick them up for a couple of minutes various times throughout the day. it will take time, patience, and consistency to tame them. A few people have had guinea pigs tamed within a few weeks, others within a few months (with various taming techniques; I just really like the one I mentioned.) :)
After letting them settle in for a few days (which you did), it's time to get them used to their new routine. I'd handle them for brief periods throughout the day starting today. Keep up the treats; it's great they take them from your hand already.
If they take food from you, try petting them. Make sure your hand approaches from the front and slightly to the side so they can see you coming. My pigs generally react better to being petted on the nose and head than on the body. Once they seem used to being petted, try gently picking them up and holding them to your chest. Make sure you have an arm or hand under all their feet so there's nothing dangling in the air; they don't like that.
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