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Behavior When is enough enough with Dominance?


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Aug 15, 2010
I made a post yesterday and for some reason it is not there so I will try this again! Okay, so long story short we bought a GP from the store two years ago. After reading we realized he needed a friend so we adopted a trio of brothers from a rescue. The lady had 70 of them in her backyard and all were adults and new babies. ours were about 8 weeks old. We added them with our already 6 month old and they did great at first. I built a really big C&C cage for them all. Then about a month later there was a lot of fighting so I separated everyone. (ended up giveing two away to close friends). I had to end up putting them outside as they were creating bad allergies for my hubby. One I put on the patio and the other we built a cage down by our chickens and kept him out there. He LOVES it by the way. I do not. He gets no human attention and his cage stays dirty. So I thought this weekend I would try to reintroduce them into the one older piggies HUge Marchurio cage. Gave them both baths and cleaned the cage then put them both in. At first there was some happiness it seemed. A lot of humping by the older piggie. Then within 30 minutes there were several stand offs, lunges and rolls in the hay! So I pulled them out again. Im just really confused as the site says if no blood is drawn leave them together. I fear there will be blood behind my back. I youtube GP fighting/dominance and what I see is NOTHING like my GP's. I WISH those were my GP's. Mine are mean. is that normal? It is my older store bought GP that seems mean. So in this case does anyone have any advice? Its a big cage and all they want to do is do the ring around the fire! I really hoped they could get along!
It will make easier to read your posts if you break them up into paragraphs.

When you put them together, you do so in a neutral place first. A bathroom floor is good, or a play pen. Put several piles of food in there, a couple of water bottles, and put them in. While they're in there, clean the cage very well.

After they've been in the neutral territory for several hours, if they haven't bitten each other and drawn blood, then put them in the cage. If they really don't get along (one of them is bleeding), then try again, but this time bathe them all together first.

But if they just humping and chasing, let them alone. Every time you separate them and put them together, they have to start all over again sorting out who's going to be the dominant pig.

You need to try this at a time when you've got plenty of time to watch and see how things go -- you can't do it and then go to bed 30 minutes later.

If they really and truly don't get along, then you'll just have to keep them in separate cages. But if you've got a large C&C, you should be able to divide it with grids.
Thanks! I don't have a C&C cage and never will again but I have two separate large cages.
I was never one for paragraphs, sorry! lol
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