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Puberty when is a male old enough to mate?


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Mar 17, 2012
I just got a female guinea pig when can males inpregnate her?
ermm.. why? From experience though, 4weeks plus but not recommended as they are babies. How old are they both?
Good question, GuineaQueen. Miss_melmel, Why DO you want to know when she can become pregnant?
I dont wann know when she can get pregnant.I wanna kniw how old he has to be to inpregnate her so i can seperate them. I dont know old the female i think she is an adult. I just wanted to know when the boys hitpubety
I was hoping that is why you were asking!!
They are fertile at about 3 to 4 weeks of age so you shouldn't even house them together.
Whoops i didnt know. But the girl i got is older and quiet big i kinda thought she may already be pregnant.
I do not understand how you wouldn't know a male would mate with a female? I don't mean to be rude.. but it is basic biology?
Its got nothing to do with a male maiting with a female its i didnt know when a male hit pubety. Its diff for all animal. And the reason i joined this site was to learn more because i like to take proper care of my animals. Not to b spoken to like that. Maybe ask b4 just jumping to conclusions thanks
I apologise. I don't think it came out right, I didn't mean to upset you. I just was trying to understand and now you have told me that you didn't know. I really didn't mean to offend you.
Yeah, I don't think she didn't know that they wouldn't mate. I think she just didn't know WHEN they could mate successfully. I honestly had no idea that males were fertile at 3 to 4 weeks of age either. I would have made the same mistake. That's why I joined up here, so I could learn all of this stuff. :)
Its ok its just ow u worded it. Its ok. Im maybe just a bit touchy. Sorry
I just think the post came out different than how i meant. I am not so great with typing out conversations without them sounding a bit direct. I honestly didn't want to upset you, sometimes i get things wrong, and thats the trouble with online things and why i don't go on them. Gahh i am sorry! I was surprised to find out how early they could mate at first too - but rodents don't have a great lifespan so i guess they get the babies out asap!!
She has been in there all day so i guess if she is gonna be pregnant she prob already is??? Right???
Maybe not. She would have to have been 'in season' as such, to become pregnant. She might be pregnant, if she was in season, which is roughly every 16 days. However, i would seperate them if you didn't want babies, in case you were lucky and she isn't!
The babies are soooo cute though. And as much as i wouldn't ever breed mine deliberately, i was tempted by the unbelievable awwwwwwwness!! and so got my male neutered just to be sure no accidents would happen!! Accidents being me wanting lots of cute babies ;)
She has been in there all day so i guess if she is gonna be pregnant she prob already is??? Right???
I.was planning.on breeding them but not straight away. He is rumberling. And i think has tried to mount her so i dont know. Gahhhhhh i wanna see the babies. Is it true they are born with hair?
They are born fully developed, so yes they have hair and open eyes.
You know the female can die during labour right?

and if you have two Roans you have a chance of having lethal babies, which means, they're born with severe birth defects that can shorten their lives dramatically.
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