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Popcorning When does your piggie popcorn?


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Jun 3, 2012
My Rhode and Robin popcorn whenever I fill up their veggie bowl. They love their veggies, especially carrots.

So cute! :lovestruc

I wish I could video tape it, but my webcam is down and my camera phone sucks. :weepy: I'm saving up money to get a digital camera though.

Anyone want to share their guinea pig popcorning stories?
My pigs never popcorn for food, they just wheek at the top of their lungs for it. xD They love to popcorn around when playing, or when I have just cleaned out their cage and put them back in, they will be exploring the new place, then suddenly get a case of the pop corns. xD
My piggies popcorn when there is food and when I put them down for floor time. Momo popcorns when I say her name sometimes. They also popcorn when I open the back door because that means GRASS :cheerful: One time Momo popcorned in the air so hard she fell on the ground and continued to popcorn and "twitch" on the ground so hard my mom wondered if she had a seizure but nope she was fine :D
My piggies are popcorning machines!! Foods, fleece, hay, new toy, or just lap time.

When I hold them, I hold them where they can't fall. My piggies like to popcorn all over my lap.
One of my pigs is a wheeker but the other just popcorns.
Patch popcorns when he hears me fixing a bag of hay. Or when he first gets in a clean cage.
George really doesn't popcorn. He did when he was smaller. He is the most dominate of all my boys. Wonder if the responsibility of being pig of the hill weighs him down too much to popcorn.
Charlie does for food sometimes. Especially if I am late feeding them.
My two boys love exploring a freshly cleaned cage. (I wonder why that is!) And sometimes they just get super hyper and run around the cage popcorning.
My pigs will popcorn when they have fresh fleece, and other times just randomly. Especially at night, they will run laps around the cage and through in a few popcorns here and there. It is precious. As I am writing this, Toni and Griffin are both popcorning somewhat randomly. I'm not sure why, but they seem to be enjoying themselves. :)
Sometimes mine just does it when ever. He could just be walking around in his cage, then he starts popcorning all around. :D
Amy popcorns when I give her hay. She doesn't do it for her daily veggies, but for some reason fresh hay is a reason to do zoomies and popcorn like mad.

Borat is bulky so his popcorning is rare. He does it once in awhile in their floor time pen when he knows a treat is coming, but it's more like a little "oomph" than a true popcorn.
mine like to popcorn when I go in change out their hideys
My baby Rue popcorns all the time it seems, especially now that I enlarged their cage. She doesn't popcorn for food or anything like that, only when I have cleaned their cage or whenever she feels happy I guess. I love watching it! :love:

My adult Anya doesn't popcorn much anymore, don't know if its because she thinks she is Queen of the Castle or if its just because she is very pregnant (due anytime I hope, not sure when she got pregnant cause when I got her, her belly was already touching the floor, but she has doubled in size, at least, since then) but she does week loudly for her fresh veggies and hay!
Mines sometimes popcorn too for no apparent reason.

Sometimes they popcorn for new hay as well. But Rhode and Robin always popcorn when I give them their veggies.

I think they popcorned when I placed them back into their C&C cage after cleaning. (They didn't like the place I had placed them in. But that's why I cleaned the cage as fast as I could.) I'm not quite sure if it had anything to do with being back "home" though. It might have something more to do with the bowl of fresh veggie waiting for them, because they zoomed over there a few seconds after they were placed back.
My girls popcorn usually for two things:

1.) When I change out their tunnels and accessories in the cage. They especially like it when they get the fleece forest put back into rotation.

2.)When they come back to a new cage with fresh bedding.
Felix does random little popcorns in his cage for what seems to be no reason at all. When he is in my room for floor time he does "zoomies" and popcorns all over the place. Too cute!
Porcupine is the big popcorner. New food, hay, brushing, clean cage, floor time, you name it! Odair will popcorn durnig floortime. But he almost always falls on his bum. Porcupine doesnt much anymore. He's a lot more cordinated!
Hawkeye popcorns when I whistle to let him know food is coming, and his new buddy (Sorry, hadn't posted about him yet, wanted to make sure introductions went well first!) Radar is learning from him. Hawkeye is getting kind of big now, so he gets over excited and bumps into everything with his big rump as he runs. Zoomies are a bigger thing for the two boys now that they have each other, they go back and forth tearing up the place - especially when hay is involved. :D
Shadowfax popcorns whenever I open all the blinds to let the sunlight in! It's super cute! He'll also popcorn for yellow bell peppers.
Snowy never popcorns and rarely wheeks...
Cinnamon popcorns on clean fleece, and when her bro is chattering at her from the upper level. Lightning has gotten so pudgy he doesn't really popcorn, but maybe he will start again when they're in the cage together and have more space...
Just caught my 2 girls popcorning for the first time. I've had them for 2 weeks tonight. I was sitting on the sofa and heard a racket coming from the cage. I crept over and Bella and Mya were doing laps around the cage and jumping up in the air. It was so cute. :) I hope this means that they are finally feeling comfortable in their new home.
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