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Rumblestrutting When does it stop?


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Oct 9, 2011
Rose and the new guinea pig (Baby) are getting along really well.

Rose will, mouth her? Not bite, just run her mouth along her back and whatnot. But she doesnt bite her.

At first Baby was in her own cage and I introduced them during floor time (didn't go so hot since Baby can escape thru the playpen bars) Then I separated them in the same cage. Presently they are both together (no divider) in the same cage and are doing good.

However, Rose is still rumblestrutting. She kinda makes this purring sound, but that's it. It lasts maybe two seconds and then she is fine.

How long should I expect this to go on?
They are still establishing dominance, and the rumblestrutting is a perfectly normal behavior. The rumbling might not ever completely stop. Right now, as they establish the rankings, it could be a week or two, possibly more. Mine still rumble every now and then, especially when they are in heat. This happens every few weeks, I believe. Really nothing to worry about, though.

Just be patient, they'll work it out!
So how long until its bullying? I have two girls- one that's probably 4 years old (and very large) that I rescued from a daycare and another that's about 1 (who's pretty small)that I got from a shelter. At first the little one did all the rumble strutting but only once in awhile and fatty never really gave in but never tried ti establush her dominance. They seemed to get along fine otherwise. Now, about three weeks later Fatty will rumble ( but not strut) anytime Mo comes near her. She steals her veggies but Mo will take them back. They're out in the cage together but Fatty is always rumbling at her. Mo gets to eat but she doesn't seem to be able to really run around the cage unless Fatty is in her pigloo (they have two separate ones- I tried one extra large one but instead of going in it tie ther they argued over it do I went back to two). I give them a good 3-4+ hours of floor time and they both walk about but still Fatty rumbles anytime Mo comes neat. Is she just trying to establish her dominance or is she starting to bully?
It's not bullying. And it can last for a while. Here's the rule: if no one is being bitten, and no one is being harassed to the point where he/she can't eat or sleep or is losing weight, then let them alone. And it can go on, off and on, for weeks or months. Mine are going on 2 and a half years old, and they still occasionally rumble at each other.
Good Morning ! :eek: Have you had a chance to see and read about the "Dominance Dance" on the cavy spirit site on their social life yet ? I will give you the link to "click out" and specifically 3/4 down this page under "Introductions" explains fully what to expect and what dominance behaviours are within normal range and which ones are more serious, and should be watched very closely.

So far the dominance behaviours you are describing are quite normal and pretty tame, hardly a need for concern at this point. Please take the time to read the whole page of this beloved link below anyway, you will not regret it ! :cool:

Guinea Pigs Social Life
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Eh! No need for concern. I have boars, and they "talk trash" on and off to each other multiple times a day, apparently just for their own amusement, as they have had a grand total of one fight the entire time I've had them.
mine rumble all the time. Sometimes they even chatter teeth.... They grump and yap chase either other and then ignore each other... wish they'd just settle in, but boys will be boys
Thanks guys!

They have settled down alot. Rose did it the other day and that is the first time I heard it in quite a while!
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