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Behavior When did your piggies relax?


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Feb 5, 2012
I know piggies personalities vary greatly, but I was just curious for those with pigggies who love their lap time..

At approximately what age did your piggy really begin to relax with you during lap time?

How long had you had the piggy?

If you got them as youngsters, did puberty play much of a role as to when they were very comfortable with you?
My piggie Vader started to relax when he turned 3 months. I held him alot and he was an only piggie. It might have played a role in him opening up to me. He hasn't hit puberty yet, but a previous piggie didn't change when he hit puberty.
Well all piggies are different, but when I got mine they both didn't exactly love to be held. Chester warmed up to me in a few months, but Ace still is more of an adventure pig then a snuggle one. (meaning he crawls off my lap and sniffs around where Chester is content to be held and petted) But again all piggies are different and you need to just keep trying.
Sheldon was around 4 years old when we got him and was a very tense, uptight piggy. It took him about 4 months to start to relax during lap time. The "baby" piggy I'm fostering right now for a member, she is now about 7 months old and still doesn't really settle down for lap time. We just call her the baby because she was young when she came here and was so tiny. My other 3 boys and Fluffy(fostering) enjoy lap time and never had a problem with it. Huey did like to be covered up the whole time but after a year he wants to look around, I guess he figured out that I would beat up any hawk that would try to grab him:crazy:!
Surprisingly, my baby Mufasa warmed up to lap time almost immediately, even though he was very young. However, two things might have been playing in. First, I got him from a pet store where he lived in an open-top container that allowed anyone to touch or grab him, so he might have been used to handling. Second, unknown to me, he had a URI and died in 15 days. He might not have been as active due to illness, although he seemed to act normal up until the end.

I adopted my next two as adults, and both were good about lap time right away. I don't know if Borat ever got any as I got him from a shelter and didn't get any background information. I got Amy from Craigslist, and her owners said they had handled her a lot, so it makes sense.
Harmony took about 3 months to warm up to me, and 6 months to totally trust me. In my defense, she was pregnant and nursing the first 3 months, and she was in a cage of boars who I saw picked on and constantly tried to mount her before I got her. Holly took probably a month or two until she finally calmed down enough to sit still long enough for lap time! She took probably 4 months before she became a total lap pig.

Sundae, when he was a baby took about two days to completely and utterly love people. And when I got him back, it took him about 10 minutes to trust me again. Snickers however, is still skittish.
My pigs are adopted and each a year old. Izzy is very social, she loves cuddles and crawling all over my lap. Felix is way more shy, he needs to be covered, and he runs for the hills when I try to pick him up. It took izy 3 weeks to get used to me, I don't think felix is used to me yet though.
Mine were 3mo about when i got them and the day i brought them home they both were more the happy to try and fall asleep on me. Odair was and still is more alert and will relax but is first to jump up at a noise. Porcupine has slept through me talking while he was near my face. But both love laptime since day one. They've only been here a month but I hope when puberty hits its not to horrible....

Both still hate bring picked up though. Porcupine freaks out the most. Odair will let me catch him sometimes.
My girls like it when I sit in their play area with them. I got them when they were 5 weeks old and I started sitting with them about two weeks after I got them. They are now just over a year old. I put their greens on my lap and they climb up and stretch out. This is the time I brush them and pat them. They can get off my lap whenever they choose and as soon as the food is gone they get down and play around me. They still don't like the process of being caught and picked up, but once they are on my lap they are quite relaxed. At first one of my girls would try and bite her way off my lap and refused to sit still. She is so much better now and enjoys lap time. I really like mature guinea pigs.
Thanks everyone! I love reading about your experiences! :)
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