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When can I remove the babyproofing?


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Jan 16, 2012
I have a C&C cage that has the 9x9squares per grid. When we had babies, I added a smaller grid wire over the outside (see photo for example) [GuineaPigCages.com] When can I remove the babyproofing?

My remaining baby is now 5 months old, 1lb 5oz big. (FYI, she is only a month old in photo so that is NOT how small she is currently) Im not sure how soon I can remove the outside wire from her cage and not have her attempt to squeeze through the grids?? Anyone out there have a 1 1/2 pound piggie that can give me any input on if the extra wire needs to stay still or not? The top edge of the wire is really rough (even though I clipped it as close to the edge as possible) and we keep scratching ourselves reaching in to feed/clean/etc. I really want to take it off already...not sure if someone has come up with a "standard" of size that is appropriate/innapropriate for the 9X9 grids. :)
My boy Hawkeye, who is about the same size/age, has no way to squeeze through the regular grid squares, but my month and half old can, so I have very high sides. It sounds like your piggy is plenty big enough, but it all depends on if you still think her head is still small enough to get stuck. Piggies can have different shapes, so go with what makes you comfortable, and it won't hurt to leave them in a little longer if you're still concerned. Pretty baby!
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