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Introductions When am I done??

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No, a 2x4 split in half will not be large enough. That would only leave each pig with a 2x2.

You know they will get along when they get along. No one can predict how long it will take.
No, a split 2x4 isn't large enough for either pig. A 2x3 C&C is recommended for one pig, so to split it and have enough room you'd have to have a 2x6 or a 3x4.

But aren't you borrowing trouble? Build your cage, do your introductions by the book (read Guinea Pigs Social Life -- the Intro section is about halfway down), and see what happens. You may have no trouble at all.
Intro should only be done once. If they get along, no fight (bloodshed), leave them together.
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A 2x4 should be large enough for 2 girls, maybe or maybe not for 2 boys.
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