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Cavy Slave
May 31, 2012
i have a big wheel in his cage and he doesnt use it, is that right? he just sits on it or chews on it...
Take it out. Wheels are not safe for guinea pigs. Their backs don't flex backward like other rodents do, and you can wind up with a paralyzed pig.
Those wheels are NOT safe for guinea pigs. You need to take it out and be glad he hasn't used it.
Yeah, get rid of it. Assuming your cage is a proper size, your pig will get plenty of exercise just doing zoomies around it, and floor time certainly doesn't hurt.
Also, don't use those exercise balls people put hamsters in. They're dangerous for piggies for the same reason. Just make sure to give floor time in a good-sized area and encourge your piggy to move by setting up things he likes (Borat loves tunnels set up in his floor time pen).
remove the wheel they are for hamsters and gerbils try to find something else for him to play with like a ball with hay in it
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