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Cavy Slave
May 15, 2012
Hey there. I'm Jacks, 23 years old and I'm looking to adopt two piggies in South Devon. In other words, I'm a bit of a new-blood, no piggies just yet :(

I haven't had pets of my own for a long, long time. My boyfriend hasn't had the experience of guinea pigs (he's had hammies and degus though) so this will be a new thing for him. I've been looking to own pigs for at least a year or two now. Getting my head together and trying to make it happen in the near future.
(We live in a small-ish place, but there's plenty of 'run room' on the living room floor now that I've actually bothered to clean it.)

Nice to meet you all. I hope to be sharing some guinea pig-related shenanigans some time :)
Hi, welcome to the forums!
Hi and welcome.
Welcome to the forum! There are several people here doing research until they can get their pigs, so you aren't alone. It's really nice to hear someone is actually doing their research before getting a pet. Enjoy!
Hi and welcome! Ditto the others that it's so nice that you are doing your research before adopting your pigs.

You will definitely find loads of information here. If you have questions, feel free to ask away!
Welcome! Can't wait to see pigtures when you get your new family additions.
@Jacksthemouse Welcome to the herd! :D

I live with my husband a sheltie (male, Sunny) and two turtles (my "Water Babies"; I have a hard time telling them apart so I haven't named them past that point). I'm one of the "researchers" mentioned above. Some of us are looking at getting piggies in the near future, while others are looking into getting piggies a little further out. The soonest I can figure getting guinea pigs is still 4-6 months away. Another member won't be able to get guinea pigs until next January, although they have had piggies in the past.

I have some, very limited, experience taking care of piggies in a rescue, but mostly I just cleaned cages, refilled water bottles, and fed the bunnies and piggies. It was quite normally a two woman circus, so we didn't have a lot of time for handling. That's something I'm looking forward to in the future!

Welcome aboard! :D
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