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UK Whats the best food?



I was using supa guinea pig exell (and no thats not chat speak, that is how they spell supa on the pack) but one of my recue piggies got ill shortly after having her. As she didnt eat much of the 'supa' and had got very thin I thought Id try her with a different food. One which is lovely to eat and where she wont select feed to much. Any ideas greatly recommended x
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Pets at home do a pretty good pellet. It prevents selective feeding and does not contain choking hazards like mixes like Supa guinea pig do. My choice after that is Gerty Guinea Pig. Oxbow Cavy Cuisine is available online but is extortionately expensive.
I use gerty guinea pig.
I though gerty was supposed to be one of the worst? Supa exel is said to be the best (In the UK) - they should NOT be getting mixed pellets since there is a choking hazard and they contain extra stuff which can be fattening. You can order Oxbow online (we don't want to be supporting pet stores like Pets At Home). They are plain pellets that a lot of members on here feed.
No, I think gerty guinea pig is good. I know lots of people who use it and like it. I like it and so do my guinea pigs.
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I must be thinking of something else then! Could someone please post the ingredients of it?

Glitter, what's actually in the mix?
Sorry, I don't know. Yes, it is a bit expensibe, but not too bad.
gerty guinea pig has additives and additives are known to cause cancer in piggies. The piggies (like us humans) will love stuff with additives in but its not good for them xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I would definitely avoid Gerty. It's got chemicals & colourings in it that they don't need. Not to mention it encourages selective eating. I fed it for awhile when I was trying out different brands & Phoebe left most of it in the bowl. The company that makes it (russelrabbit) also has a pellet variety of food called Science Selective. That's what I'm currently using.
Do you have a link or reference about the additives causing cancer in cavies? I'd be interested to read it.
daftscotslass said:
Do you have a link or reference about the additives causing cancer in cavies? I'd be interested to read it.
i shall try and find it for you x
On her food list, most of the foods that should be fed in moderation are not said to be fed in moderation, and you are NOT supposed to bathe your guinea pig(s) every 4-6 weeks.. 1-2 a year is all they need, as batheing can cause dryness if too much.
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