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Hay What type of hay is this and is it good quality?


Cavy Slave
Oct 24, 2011
Mum bought hay without me and bought the hay the pet store lay gave her. All it says is "PET HAY". I can't return it and I don't go to the shops again until next weekend or maybe not even then. The hay smells sweet. The hay isn't very dust-like and is pretty grassy. The colour is greenish-brownish and there's no leaves. My piggies ran out of hay (alfalfa) and I told mum not to buy alfalfa anymore (because they were getting too much calcium and I was recommended not to feed alfalfa too much: they still have half a bag of alfalfa except its all leaves). I'll try to post a picture later on but from what I've described would you be able to tell what type of hay it is and the quality of it? It doesn't appear to have any parasites lurking about in it.
If it looks like your link and it is timothy hay. It is good for them and they can have it. Guinea pigs can have and should have unlimited grass hay.
If it doesn't tell you what type of hay it is, you really can't be sure unless it's tested. I bought hay from a farmer that was supposed to be meadow grass. Luckily, it had flower heads and I was able to determine that a lot of it was actually alfalfa. I don't think I'd have been able to tell from the grassy parts because it was mixed in with the meadow grass but was able to identify it through the flower bits by looking it up on the internet. If your guinea pigs are over 6 months of age, discontinue offering the alfalfa.
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