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Ramps What to Use??


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Sep 24, 2011
Okay, so currently Ginger's ramp looks like this:

[GuineaPigCages.com] What to Use??

However, what can I use different for it because it's a waste of a whole fleece blanket that fits her cage and it moves a lot.

Help? I've heard of cat scratching posts being used, but I want to keep it in this style, because it takes up A LOT less room, and creates a hidey for her.

Thanks! :)
Why don't you just make one out of coroplast?
As I said in the post, I want to keep it the way it is because it doesn't take up really any room and the room it does take up it makes a hidey for her. Beings her cage is a 2x3, it also allows for not much room for her to get on the ramp. I know because I've tried something different before this. However, this one she just leaps up on it so it's not hard at all for her to get on.
Sorry, but you asked what could you use different and I thought you meant you wanted a different type of ramp. My apologies.
Do you just mean what can you use instead of fleece? If thats what you mean just use a towel or a different blanet and then your not wasting fleece.
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