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What to do with uneaten (stil inl the package) cat food?


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Nov 10, 2011
I bought a bag (the only size i can find) of meow mix, kitty hated it. Thinking about switching to Orijen...What to do now? :(
Donate it or give it to someone you know who has a cat.
Oh yeah.. :))I only thought about donating at first but the shelter is too far away. but I do know someone who has a cat! Thank youuuu!
If you got it from Petsmart, you can still return it, even without a receipt.
lol my cat has been eating the same food for 4 year and has become alirgice to it. soo all her butt hair falls out. the vet said we just need to witch her food.. every time we try tho she refuse to eat it.. we tride to the extent one time that she lost 4 pounds becaue she rufssed to eat her cat food. we gave up on it manily because the vet said it was just affecting her hair but other than that shes healthy. wed rather have a bold and happy cat then a hairy and dead cat. XD just thiought id tell you :)
Orijen is great food...good switch! Also, I'm sure there are some stray cats who would eat the MeowMix...?
I actually feed meow mix to the crows. They love it.
Everyone I know pretty much has a cat or two so just ask around for whoever is in need for some cat food! I feed my cat varied cat foods and just mix them all together!
I try to make them less picky by sticking to one type for a few days even if they don't like it. I think there should be some variation.
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