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What to do with pet shops?


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Apr 22, 2012
All my piggies were buyed in pet shops or a vet who have pigs (and she really take care of them). In mi city, and I believe in my entire country, Argentina, theres no place to adopt piggies, no shelters :(
The day I got Olive, the seller tell me that I can't choose the sex of the pig I wanted, he said I could not choose, it was random. Can you imagine?! I got very upset. Fortunately, came another guy who let me choose and he told me Olive was a girl and I took her home with me.
In that pet shop they have the piggies in aceptable conditions, not the best, of course. But if you want a guinea pig there's no option that buying in a place like there.
Also, theres a petshop I avoid because they have piggies in a bad condition, they have rabbits too, in a small cage, they barely have space to move.
What can we do?! I was thinking I can print some little brochures (I dont know how you call them) about care and what things to buy, if I write what things to buy, I think I can convince the sellers to deliver brochures when they sell a guinea pig.
It's crazy? What do you think? I want to do something.
Personally, I won't buy from a pet store unless an animal is in dire straits. There's a similar thread already going on here


As far as how to get the pet stores to stop selling pets, I would love to see that happen. I'm not sure what to do about pet stores on a large scale. I do know that I want to help if I can, though. :)
I read an article recently about a pet store who got so sick of people complaining about him selling pets and picketing that he finally stopped selling them. A group helped him to adopt out the current animals he had. After about a year of not selling animals, he found that he was actually breaking even financially. He had so many people who only started shopping there because he had stopped selling animals.
I don't know how many people are actually going to be able to read that. :(
Did anyone else notice how eerily similar that stores logo is to our GPC's logo?
Oh, sorry. The page have pictures that shows pigies running in a yard, they show their cages that are fine and they seem happy and healty piggies! I already send a message to see if I can go there and see them :)

Yes, I notice the logo too, I already saw it in many pages of guinea pigs. I think it appears in Google images, dont?
Yeah. I've heard they have happy go lucky pictures of dogs running through fields on puppy mill pages too. The only way to know if a place is good to adopt from or not is by seeing them in person. Don't fall for sales ploys. :)
In the videa there are kittens and pigs. Do they breed both?
Yeah. I've heard they have happy go lucky pictures of dogs running through fields on puppy mill pages too. The only way to know if a place is good to adopt from or not is by seeing them in person. Don't fall for sales ploys. :)
Yep, that's a favorite ploy of the Amish puppy mills, playing on the ideal connotations of the Amish name with fake pictures when they're really dog torture farms.
@CritterLuvva Of course I'm going to check. This is different from this case you mentioned.
@Petlovr No, just piggies! Is a family house, I guess they have other pets.

Sorry this post have so many different topics, you can't delete it if you want.
Any good place will let you see their set up any way. If they don't, there's a red flag right there. I would walk away from that and not look back. Just as someone who's really looking for a good home will look into you, they should be ready and willing to have you look into them. The end means being that both parties mutually agree on what's in the best interest of the pet.
@GuineaPigLady We're not trying to come down on you at all. We were just letting you know a place can seem good until you start investigating further. If there are too many red flags, you may have to walk away. I just wanted you to be aware, that's all. I wish you luck finding your piggies. :)
I know! you try to do the best and you give good advices. Ill let you know about the place when ill visit it.
I'm sorry. I wasn't criticizing. I was just curious. I have no idea what Argentina is like, so i would never judge someone on how they obtain their pets. I know some places don't have rescues, or Guinea pigs and other pets are rare, so you have to go to a breeder. I wish I could say we didn't have such an overpopulation problem here.
I see less little animals in petstores now. I see maybe 1 or 2 Guinea Pigs or Rabbits, it's mostly parakeets and and small birds, but there main goal is selling food and products which is all they should be doing. The worst was the nasty pet stores that use to be in malls in the 70s and 80s, the smell was really bad and they were focusing on selling more puppy and small animals than selling food. There aren't that many puppy stores in business now, partially because of the economy I'm sure, but it's good that they aren't around that much anymore.
I do everything I can now to avoid pet stores. However, we have this placed called Feeders Supply and believe it or not, it is worse than Petsmart or Petco. I watched them laugh at a woman who was literally begging them to give the birds water. They also told me the chinchilla had been there for over 3 years and had never once been touched or taken out of the cage. They won't allow the animals to be handled unless you have agreed to buy them. Each time I have been in there, the animals have no food, no water. They have a lot of animals there too.
Of course, the big Feeders Supply advertisement is that they don't sell cats and dogs. Ya know, they just try selling chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamster, birds, lizards, fish, turtles, and the list goes on.
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