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What to do while I wait??


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Nov 7, 2011
I found a guinea pig at our local shelter to adopt, but my husband insists that we wait until around Christmas before we bring a piggy home.

I have already purchased pellets, hay, bowls, water bottles, etc. The C&C cage will be finished this weekend and the fleece will be ready too.

Hopefully the guinea pig I want to adopt will still be there in a month, or not, depending on how you look at it. How do I pass the next month while I wait for Christmas???
Is there a point in waiting until Christmas?

My theory is, when you see one you like and want, you should take it then. No guarantee it'll be there the next day.
Lol I'm with you, why make the piggy wait? Just tell your hubby Christmas came early....and make him his favorite supper ;)
Could you pay the adoption fee now so they will hold onto the pig for you until Christmas?
I'd get him now and have an ornament made with his photo on it that you can open on Christmas Day.
My husband is not too keen on the idea of another pet(s) but has agreed that we can get 2 guinea pigs but have to wait until Christmas. I think he needs the time to get used to the idea. I don't understand it either, but don't want to upset him!

I wonder if the spca will keep her if we pay the adoption fee now?
They shouldn't have a problem with that. If you pay the fee, that should "reserve" (though I hate to use that word in reference to a living thing) the pigs for you.

You said he agreed to two pigs. Are you picking two up from the SPCA?
Why not "adopt" the pig now but ask the shelter if he could stay there for a while and in return you will pay for his food and other needs. Then you'll both get an idea (in terms of budget) of what it's like to have a guinea pig.
I will call the shelter tomorrow and see if they will keep her for a few weeks and offer to pay her costs. We do want to adopt 2 guinea pigs and will get another, for some reason I am just drawn to this little one, here is her photo: (broken link removed)
Awwwww she's adorable!
I just want to kiss that little face!
She is very cute.
The link won't work anymore
That is because she is in my home and no longer up for adoption! She is so sweet and does not even hide, when I enter the room she runs to me. She fell asleep on my lap and stayed there for 2 hours last night. She is so greatful to have a home and family of her own. Now I am trying to find her a friend.
I couldn't view the link then saw your post that you adopted her, YAY!!! But now I need you to post her picture so I can see her!
She sounds so sweet and cuuute :)
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