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Rehoming What to do when one guinea pig passes on, leaving the second alone?


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Dec 2, 2009
Hello friends at my favorite guinea pig forum!

I have lurked here for a long time, gleaning information here and there on how to take care of my guinea pigs the best I can, and now I finally have a question that has created such a conundrum that I need to ask for help. Or if not help, advice. A couple weeks ago (Feb 14 to be exact) one of my lovely guinea pigs passed away. She left behind her life partner, who is currently living solo. I do not want to get another guinea pig, only to have a continuous cycle of guinea pigs for the rest of my life, so I am left with the eternal question:

Should I try and rehome my dear piggy and find her a fantastic home with a guinea pig buddy so she can live out her days with friendship, or should I keep her in solitude for however long she may live. For what it's worth, the pig is question is about 4 years old and the one who recently passed on was also about 4 years old. Another option is to search for a senior piggy to keep her company, and hopefully they both pass on at the same time. How have others dealt with this situation? Thanks for helping make a potentially very difficult decision.
im sorry, I would get her a buddy
Sorry for your loss, I definitely understand - I lost my Brownie a year ago. He left behind his brother, Coal. Cavies do appreciate companionship and I couldn't bear it anymore, Coal seemed so lonely, I had to get him a new friend. Ironic that I acqired Patch recently on Feb 14!!! He and Coal are getting along well. I hope you consider letting yours have another companion.
I'm sorry for your loss. My Oliver passed of old age as well (presumably). It is a horrible loss unlike I have ever felt before..
But I think the real question is, are you ready for a life without piggies? As I'm sure you've seen with your current piggy, her life was considerably better and she was happier when she had a friend. If you're ready for piggies to be over for now, I'd say that you should consider finding her a home where she can have a companion. Piggies are herd animals and need to be treated as such.
However, I think you should definitely decide 100% that you are ready for piggies to be gone. No more wheeking and popcorning? That's a sudden silence I'm not sure I will ever be ready to hear.

I hope you work this out, and know that everyone here supports you! <3 :)
I have a piggy about the same age that recently lost her sister. We thought we were doing the right thing by getting another guinea pig to be a new friend for her. Well, our first pig hates the new one and we haven't been successful introducing them. Right now they're living in a divided cage and there's still hostilities through the grid. I would suggest watching your piggy for signs that's she's lonely/depressed and then decide what to do. If she seems upset you could try to find a senior friend for her through a rescue or something.
A senior friend seems like the way to go. See if the rescue would let you take yours in and see if there is one that she gets along with.
Sorry about losing one...it's really hard!
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