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What to do to baby-proof?


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Dec 16, 2011
I have a regular pet-store bought cage, not a C&C. I know it's not big enough but I am adding a play-pen to the cage soon. I will keep the cage door open, so that way they can access the play-pen any time they want to.

But, anyway, how do you baby-proof a petstore bought cage?:?:

They will be newborns, because I have a pregnant piggy. I did not breed her, I'm sure you have seen my other forums.

I've been thinking about grids, but I'm not totally sure if they are right for me... Especcially since I have no experience with them and I have a petstore bought cage.

So how would you baby-proof a store bought cage? Can you baby-proof using no grids? Where do you get grids and how much do they usually cost?
As soon as you can consider building two separate cages, one for boys and one for girls. As a temporary solution you could use coroplast ziptied to the cage(make sure that little nub thats left over isn't where the pigs can get to it, such as on the outside). The bars might already be small enough, but rather safe than sorry.
At Bed Bath & beyond I got boxes of 4 cubes(17 grids) for 19.99$ and Bed Bath & Beyond sends out 20% off coupons if you join their mailing list.
Hope this helps, just some condensed info from what I have found browsing the forums. Otherwise hopefully someone who has More experience can help
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