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Nutrition What to buy??


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Nov 10, 2011
I need to order pellets and hay for my piggies as opposed to buying the junk I got at the pet store when I got them (this was before I knew better - they now have a great life in a C&C cage and are very well cared for).

I have NO idea how old they are. I got them around Halloween and they now weigh just about 1lb4oz each - I want to make sure I feed them the right type of diet based on how old they may be.

I was thinking I should probably order alfalfa-based, but how much, and for how long would I feed that before switching to timothy?
If they're 20 ounces each, they're long past the alfalfa stage. Go ahead and get the timothy.
Thanks! In addition to this should I be feeding them young or adult amounts of pellets and types of veg?
Treat them as adults. They are only considered young really til about 6 months. There is a great veggie menu under the diet section of the forum. They need a cup a day each.
Welcome! Many here order their pellets online with Oxbow .oxbowanimalhealth.com or KMShayloft.com Many swear by the hay from KMS.

You would feed 1/4 cup of pellets per piggie a day. Unlimited timothy or any type of grass hay.
Veggies. a cup per pig a day. Good veggies to start with is lettece (all types but iceberg). peppers ( all colors. red higher than sugar than the others) cilantro, parsley every other day.
There is a great diet chart in the diet/nutrition thread.

The forum is filled with great reading material on the care and welfare of your pigs. Take the time to explore. You won't be disapointed nor will your pigs.
Again Welcome!
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