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Fleece What takes out the waterproof in fleece?


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Nov 10, 2011
I don't have a washing machine nor do I live in a place that has the coin operated type. Help :)
How do you wash your clothes now? Do you hand wash and line dry all of your clothes? Fleece and towels can be hand washed but it's time consuming and you'd need extras to use while you line dry. Multiple washings is what allows fleece to wick. You don't want to use any fabric softener which keeps it from wicking.
Yes, I hand wash :p
I don't use fabric softener. I have been washing my fleece, this is the 3rd time, every time I do, I submerge it in boiled water for the whole day, thinking that it's the heat that's destroying the waterproof. Should I wash it more, or am I wasting my time ? :(
You don't need to boil it. Use regular laundry detergent and a cup of vinegar if you have it. Hot water should clean it as long as you scrub and rinse it well.
OHHHH!! Thank you ! :)
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