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What should I do?


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Jul 1, 2005
I've mentioned this problem in a previous post, but it is an on-going issue and I wanted to start a post to concentrate on this specific problem I have.

Sugar is a sweet pig. Ever since we introduced Baby, Sugar can't get a break. Baby is constantly cornering her and kicking her out of places. Baby will rumblestrutt with hair up and sometimes her nose in the air as she slowly prances closer to Sugar. The whole time Sugar is squealing like a pig in pain. I feel so badly for her. I am thinking of giving Baby to another pig lover who would love to take her. If I do that I will first separate them to see how they both react because I don't want either one to be lonely. If they are both lonely without each other's company I'll probably put them back together.

I just know I wouldn't want to live under those conditions, and I don't want Sugar to have to live like that either. She gets cornered in the pepsi box for no apparent reason and she just squeezes herself into the back corner squealing away. Poor girl!
There are several things you could do, but please don't seperate them. This is a natural routine that pigs go through in order to establish dominance. If there's no bloodshed, don't seperate.

You could start again by taking the pigs out, perhaps for some floor time while you clean their cage thoroughly, including any cozies, pigloos and food bowls. This will make their enclosure more neutral. You should make sure that they have two of everything, particularly two places to hide away. Then the pigs can each have their own space away from each other.

Have you tried the buddy bath? Have a thorough read of https://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm

I know it's hard but don't give up on them having a life together.
How long have they been together? I recently introduced 2 females & experienced many of the same things with them. Every day, Mandy picks on Dorothy a little bit less, and now little Dorothy has started sticking up for herself. Give it time.
I was having the exact same problem with my pigs, and when it started getting a little more dangerous, I decided it was time for a buddy bath. It worked very well, and now my boys well actually cuddle next to each other to sleep! Buddy Baths should be used as a last resort. Good Luck!
It has been about 2 weeks now. I think the advice you all have given is wonderful and I will try to first clean and neutralize the cage while they are on the floor and if that doesn't work I'll try the buddy bath.

Why is the buddy bath a "last resort"? Is there something about it that's actually not good for the pigs?

I do have two hidey houses and multiple litter boxes. I have just one water bottle because one was drinking from a crock and the other from the water bottle, but they kept pooping in the crock so I've eliminated it. I just started using that crock as their food dish instead of having separate dishes, but I think I'll go back to 2 until they start getting along.

Thanks, it's nice to know others have had the same problem and have gotten past it. I just can't bear to have Sugar tormented so much.
Baths aren't really good for pigs. It takes away some of their natural oils, and REALLY stresses them out. If you can get your pigs to get along without the buddy bath, it's really advised.

If there isn't any blood and they are both eating there is no need for a buddy bath. Just clean there cage out with vinegar.
Oh, thanks for explaining. I have never bathed either one, but if and when I do I'll refer to the link above first and follow it closely. I will definitely clean everything in the cage w/ vinegar and water first. I'd assume litter boxes need to be cleaned also.
My pigs are males, and one of them really got picked on for a long time. For about a month the dominate one would chase his friend around and chatter and nip. Since no one was getting hurt I figured that must be how some males live together. However, recently they've been calming down towards each other and even sit next to each other during floor time. (Usually they're opposite ends of kitchen) I think they're finally bonding! Don't give up, it took my guys nearly a month to establish their friendship.
I used the buddy bath to introduced Conor to Spot & Rudy. While they were getting a bath the cage was cleaned, rearranged and loaded with plenty of food. They got along really well when we put them into the cage.

If you do the bath make sure you have someone around to help. My boys were really scared. One tried (& almost made it) to jump out of the bathtub!
My, Legelas, is my old pig. He is almost 2. He is a shy and a very laid back pig. I adopted 2 young males to be his friends. One was born in March, the other in April. I too, had concerns about them all being together. They did the rumlblestutt, they nipped, even taking some hair out, showed some teeth but no bloodshed. Legelas just let the 2 guys work it out. They did. Peppi, who was born in March is the boss. Peppi for the longest time chased Poncho around. I thought he would wear him out. When Poncho gave the 'boss" tiltle to Peppi, they have been best buds ever since. They eat together, get in the hay stack together, and sleep together.
It must be hard to hear your little one squeeling and making such a noise. I would have troulbe with that. Knowing me I would have taken her out. With all the good advice from this site. I guess the answer is time. Mine bonded fast. I hope your girls do to.
You hit the nail on the head suzilovespiggie! I just can't stand to hear Sugar squealing like that and although I've read so many times "Don't separate them unless there is bloodshed" I just can't sit back and let her get treated like that. I can't imagine it's any fun for her. I took her out and put her in floor time with my bunny and she was popcorning again! Then I put Baby on the floor and she would just follow Baby with her nose up baby's butt! LOL! Baby still rumbled at her quit a bit, but hopefully tonight or by the weekend I'll be able to clean the cage thoroughly and maybe even do the bath.
Don't do a bath, they are fine.

I know what you mean, Chewie, my most quiet used to squeel bloody murder whenever Apollo comes with in one grid of him. I watched them and have realized that he's not being hurt in any way. Now he doesn't squeel but he does run away from Apollo. Trust me they are fine they will work it out!
I will definitely clean everything in the cage w/ vinegar and water first. I'd assume litter boxes need to be cleaned also.
You have to wash everything, the water bottles (outsides), food dishes, washable toys, pigloos, coroplast, litter boxes, etc. Everything has to smell neutral.
Okay, I cleaned the cage, the litter boxes, the toys, the houses, the cloroplast, the food and water dishes, and even the fiddle sticks, pumice block and wood chew toys. I gave both a buddy bath, which Sugar seemed to enjoy and Baby wasn't sure if she liked it or not. I dried them off with a towel and then hair dryer, fixed up their cage, added a new level, changed their litter boxes and houses around, and now Sugar is popcorning around the cage! I think she likes what I did for them! This is the first time she's been happy since I put Baby in the cage. Baby is rumbling at her, but no teeth chattering. They are playing chase and it's hilarious.

Shortly after I put them back in the cage they were kissing :love: (or maybe that was grooming). Sugar is definitely one happy pig right now! I sure hope this keeps working!

I put most of the litter trays in areas that are covered in hopes they'll chose them to potty in private, I have another large litter tray with their food dishes, since I'm so cheap I squeak lol and I don't want to go out and buy a fourth and fifth food dish just so they'll stop going potty in them. Since I put them in the litter box they have stopped pottying in the dishes.

It's now 1:30am and I sure hope Sugar calms down or Cotton (on the lower level) will start her tretcherous thumping and wake the hubby:mad: !
I hope it all works out! It sounds like they're getting along better now.
I wouldn't know much about pigs not getting along, because my pigs were a match made in heaven from the instant they met:D
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