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General What should I do?

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Cavy Slave
Jul 4, 2012
Hi Everyone! This is my first time posting and I'm really interested in ANY opinions in regards to what I should do.  The situation is this.......I was searching online a couple of weeks ago for guinea pigs that may be up for adoption at a shelter or someone who had one for adoption in my area (Raleigh, NC). I found a posting online from a person who had 50+ guinea pigs for adoption. I made contact and arranged a time to meet with the seller. When I arrived to the sellers home, behind the house were 4 pens (3 pens had guinea pigs and the other pen had rabbits). The conditions the guinea pigs were in was deplorable in my opinion because each pen had 20+ pigs and the cages bottom were wire (which we all know is bad for gp's feet). There was no hay in the cages (she said it keeps falling through the wire), there was no food, or water in the cages. The guinea pigs were coming to the wire wheeking for food. About 10 gps had deformed legs, and they were all grouped together (boys and girls). Through my conversation with the seller, I found out the she had sold 250 gps that week alone. She called for her husband to come give 1 pen of gp some food, and he poured pellets in a large dish, and the gps in that pen basically attacked the food because they were so hungry. This to me seems like cruelty. What should I do? Who do I contact? I don't want to ruin her livelyhood however I believe that you should have certain standards if you are breeding animals. I would like to have someone else visit this place because maybe I'm overreacting. What do I do?
I have no problem with breeders or people who sell animals responsibly. However what your discribing IS animal cruelty. I'd contact the police and see if they have an animal unit or what is the best way to report an animal abuse case. You will want to give a full discription, write down as many details of what they said and the conditions, so you can give it to the athorities. As well as the address and other info of the people.
Welcome to the forum! First off, do not buy a pig from this woman. He/she will be unhealthy and very possibly pregnant. Poor babies to have to be in such a horrific situation.
You are not over reacting. This situation is horrific and cruel.
You need to call your local humane society or animal control. This woman needs to be reported. Her livihood or not, the animals are not being taken care of properly. Peta has an ermergency number. 1-757-943-1203 they will contact Peta members in your area and will take care of the situation.
Please do not sit on this. She needs to be reported and the animals need to be rescued.
Ditto! Posters above are right, that couple selling those poor guineas (and rabbits) should not be allowed to have animals, period!! It's so sad, the poor things!!! Makes me sick and mad
I say screw that womans lively hood.........report her!
I agree with everyone above! That is straight up animal cruelty. She NEEDS to be reported and have those poor babies taken away! If they are gettin deformed and hurt and not fed proper because of the wire cages, and its obvious she doesn't care enough to take better care of them so she doesn't get a new/bigger cage, then they need to be taken to someone who will. She needs to be fined and stripped of her "money makers" because I'm sure thats all those poor little angels are to her! :mad: Just call someone, call ANYONE to get this taken care of ASAP
Yes, she should be reported! Disgusting!!
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