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Australia What products can I buy to treat parasites (fleas) on guinea pigs?


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Mar 23, 2014
I noticed on my guinea pigs recently that they have small black spots throughout their fur, as well as dandruff/white spots on their skin. I am pretty sure there are fleas because when I did my routine cage cleaning... So I just want to know what products I can use on them to get rid of the fleas?

There isn't much info out there in regards to getting rid of parasites in guinea pigs... Can someone link me to shampoo/tablets/cleansers that will effectively and safely remove fleas/parasites from my guinea pigs?

Links provided would be very much appreciated, thank you! Also I am looking for products that I can buy in Australia or can be delivered to Australia.
Revolution will kill fleas, and I believe it's available in Australia without a prescription.
I just had a major flea infestation due to the neighbor's untreated cat. I learned a lot.

Revolution and other products like it are probably safe for guinea pigs, but my vet was not comfortable giving it to them because the dosage is very difficult to get right (it's not just about weight, it's about cavy metabolism). However, despite my house, and my self, and my poor dog getting eaten alive by the little vampires, neither of my cavies ever had a single flea on them. The vet said cavies are far more prone to mites than fleas, and I'm just not sure they taste very good to fleas (one of my cavies is white, and docile, and I looked over every cm of her for fleas, and never found one). Never say never, of course. I don't know the tastes of Australian fleas.

If you pick off these little nasties, do they jump? You'll know, because you will pick one off, and even if you squeeze it as hard as you can and stick your nail into it, it will still be alive when you let go. Then it will jump an entire foot. I would flea-comb them off the pigs and then drown them in water. Make sure you put a little dish soap in the water, because fleas will use surface tension of the water to jump out and on to you or your animals (evil. they are evil. I have P-flea-SD, as it took months and a $300 treatment to get rid of them in my home, and I had 80 bites on me at a time on average). I don't know if they can live on guinea pigs, but they can and will take root in your home, so I hope for your sake they are not fleas.

If they are not fleas, I'd get the cavies looked at, because they are likely mites and I'm not sure how to deal with those (although somebody on here probably knows).
Fair enough, it's possible I have an extremely cautious vet. Getting rid of them in the home is much more difficult, of course, so I never even bothered with the antiparasitics with the cavies, because my poor dog was on all of them at some point and they didn't help. Even if they kill fleas on the animal, the fleas living in the carpet/furniture are laying hundreds of eggs at a time, so it's sort of like a parasol in a hurricane.
Borax in the home, worked into the carpet and furniture and vacuumed out after a couple of days, will kill them in the house. There are treatments you can put in the yard, and medicines you can give the dogs to prevent them. Heart worm in dogs is rampant in the US south, so you have to give the dogs preventive treatment for those. One of the pleasant side effects is that it also controls fleas and other kinds of intestinal parasites.
Do you have DE there? Diatomaceous earth. It can be used as a nontoxic insecticide on most materials. It's hard to get enough to treat the yard and it's not selective in what it kills so it's mostly useful inside. It's made of tiny pieces with microscopic sharp edges. These slice up soft bodied insects like fleas and parasites but cannot harm human or animal skin. Food grade can be ingested. Pool grade should not be used. The only danger is breathing it in. Some care has to be taken while applying and if you vacuum or sweep an area it was applied.
I haven't had any luck with Borax, although I know it dessicates things and kills adult fleas (the eggs that hatch later are unaffected). I don't know if things are different based on the environment -- I'm in the northwestern US and have only had experience here. Both vets (for the dog and the cavies) recommended the same service (Fleabusters) because their treatment is nontoxic to animals and kids and gets into every place the nasties lay eggs. I'm sure the climate probably affects how they thrive and multiply, so I can't say what will happen anywhere else, just sharing my experience in case it helps in any way.
Fleabusters uses borax. Just way more expensive than the stuff you buy in the grocery store.
Okay. I have tried both and followed the recommendations of my vet. I was just here to share my experience, and I've done that.
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