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Litter Training what material can i use to make a litter box/kitchen area?


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Dec 6, 2011

i've been using fleece for a little over a year now and i am finally growing tired of picking little hay strands and debris from the fleece each time i clean the cage. majority of my time spent cleaning the cage is trying to get all the hay out of the fabric. of course, i am unable to get everything off of the fleece so i'm afraid it's going to damage or clog my washing machine over time.

i have a dog kennel i no longer use and i took it apart to bleach it out a couple of weeks ago. today i stuck the bottom half of the kennel in the pigs' cage, then i placed a bowl of hay on top and a bowl of pellets next to the hay. (i currently don't have a hay rack, but i will shortly)

however, i'm afraid my pigs will chew on the plastic, which i believe wouldn't end well if they swallowed it. what sort of material, other than coroplast, could i use to make a little box area for a kitchen? where can i buy the material? (i live in the US)

also, i wanted to place some sort of litter or bedding in the kitchen area so my pigs wouldn't pee or poop directly onto the material. i've heard there's a type of rabbit/cat litter that's fairly cheap and easy to clean and use, but i can't remember the name of it and i don't want to purchase something unsafe. i don't want to use carefresh or anything seeing as it's extremely expensive and i know i've read somewhere that there is a litter that is very inexpensive and comes in a huge bag.

can some of you share what you've used to make a kitchen/litter area? how often do you clean it? is it expensive? what litter do you use? should i even bother with a kitchen/litter area or should i stick with picking hay off the fleece?

thanks! :)
When I used to use one, it was made of coroplast. But dishpans from the dollar store also work well.

Can't answer the litter question -- I've never used it.

i can never get all of the hay and fur out of the fleece- will this damage my washing machine? if it does, what are ways i could prevent damage/clogging?

i could switch to just washing towels in the machine and hand washing the fleece in my tub? i could stick one of those hair catchers in the drain to catch the hay.

any ideas?
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I've been using Walmarts version of carefresh for my piggies. It's the same paper litter but the bags are like $3.50 rather than $6 or whatever Carefresh is. There is a pellet type of cat litter out there but I think it is made of pine so I don't think that would work. Just my 2 cents....
You can use any type of bedding that is safe for them. My personal favorites are wood pellets and Yesterday's News.

For the kitchen area, I've made from coroplast, or plastic storage containers with the sides cut down.
thanks! i remember reading about yesterday's news. i'm going to have to order it online. what are some reputable websites i can order it from? so far i've found petco.
Buying bedding online might costs more on shipping since they're heavy. Is there a reason why you have to buy online? I get my wood pellets from OSH locally and only pay $5 for a 40 lbs bag.
i'd have to find a store that supplies it around me, otherwise i'll probably have to buy online.

there's always petsmart but i don't like the idea of buying their merchandise. i suppose if that's the only place i can get it, and if it's way more inexpensive than purchasing stuff online, then i'll have to give in and purchase some sort of bedding or litter from there.
Wood pellets are sold at home improvement stores. They're used for wood stove. Look for the ones that are 100% wood with no added chemicals for fire starters.

I've seen Yesterday News at Safeway.
I use a Throw away foil pan and my guineas don't seem to chew on it. I put shredded printer paper in it, but I'm eventually going to switch to yesterday's news (paper just takes too many changings)
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