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Rabbits What kind of rabbit do i have?


Cavy Gazer
Nov 19, 2008
I recently got a rabbit but I'm not sure what kind o rabbit he is. He's about 2 to 3 months old, weights about 1 to 1 1/2 lbs. He's White with black spots. I'll put some pic's up of him. Thanks so much. :)
I posted in your blog. It's a mini rex or mini rex mix. I had one just like him but he had orange on him also. He's very cute! Good luck with him.
He is so cute! I too just recently adopted a rabbit! They are great!
Congrats! He is adorable! My sister has a rabbit named Hemingway, I'm not sure what he is either, he is mostly black but has some brown/gray on him and is quite big.
I don't think that is a rex. Maybe english spot cross.

Is he wearing a collar around his neck?
Yeah, they don't like things like that and if he gets it caught on something, he can choke or get tangled up.
English Spot/dwarf mix is what I'm guessing. Cute collar. Generally they don't like them [and they are dangerous if they aren't breakaway collars] but I had a lop when I was younger who absolutely loved her collar. She would binky and run around around just to hear it jingle, it was the cutest thing.
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