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Scandinavia What kind of pellets?


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Cavy Slave
Jun 2, 2005
What kind of pellets do you feed your pigs? Just curious... My pigs gets this one:
I feed Oxbow Cavy Cuisine.

I have never seen that brand you feed. What is the ingredient list, what does it look like?
An ingredient list would be helpful. That food is for guinea pigs and chinchillas I believe. Is it a plain pellet, or are there other bits in it?
It's only pellets, I'll find the ingredientlist later. It's only sold here in Norway I think. I was really wondering what the other scandinavians in the forum use. I've never seen Oxbox products here in Norway, but heard a lot about them here :)
Have you tried checking out the international section at (broken link removed) ? I see they've got an address listed in Oslo. It might be worth calling them.

I found a local supplier through the oxbow site, & found a great vet as a result too.
Yeah, you're right, I found a place in Oslo that sells it on that web-page. But I am very happy with the pellets I use now, and I wouldn't support that place with even a cent...
There's something wrong with the oxbow supplier in Oslo? I looked them up ((broken link removed) ) & they look like a vet clinic to me?

(I don't know Norwegian, so it's a guess.)
Yes, it's a small animal clinic, which I am not very found of because of mine and others many bad experiences...

Still no answers from other cavy slaves from Scandinavia?
I use pellets from "Pretty Pets". It's sold by botha HUGE local animal store (NO live pets there!!) and also by the piggys vet shop. :) Pretty neat stuff!


I think the nutrients are pretty OK?
(broken link removed)
If that was a plain pellet it might be OK, but from what I can tell from the ingredient list, it has a lot of other bits and pieces. It specifically says that it's a multi-colored food with special shapes. You should really look for something that is only pellets. The other pieces in most foods are low nutrition, high fat, and can easily cause a piggy to choke.
Oh, I mix it with regular pellets as well, so it's barely 50% of that one. Not to worry dear Pellets Pals, they get all they need, I'm no noobie to the Cavy world. ;-)
Well you may not be a newbie to the cavy world but you're acting like you know everything and aren't willing to do what's best for your pigs Anna. Even us members on the forum that have had pigs for a long time and are experienced in cavy care are ALWAYS open to new suggestions and are willing to try new things. Cavy care is constantly changing. It's best to keep up with those changes. I feel you are playing with fire by giving your pigs a pellet mix. They will eventually become obese from the mix and how are you going to feel if one day one of your pigs chokes on a piece of something in that mix and dies?

It's not that hard to give a good quality plain pellet even if you are on a tight budget.
We all learn as we go along. In this case I just answered the girls question about what food I have for my two cavies. And if it doesn't correspond 110% with everyone else, not much I can do there is it? I take care of my two Fur Angels the best the situation allows me as I am sure you do to yours. You are entitled to your opinions as am I to mine. So, I've shared what I gave mine, that's all. Feel free to ban me for sharing what I have in the pet food-department in Sweden. I'll go back to lurking now. :expressio

EDIT: There are no corn, nuts or anything of such kidn in this. It is pellets "mash" in a different shape. No seeds or such. I stay WAy off from that!
You mentioned that you mix it with plain pellets. Why not just feed them the plain pellets?

Since you originally asked about the nutrients, and I didn't answer that part, let me address that now. After rereading the ingredients in that list you posted a link to, there are several things that I'm noticing. There are several corn products, including corn oil which is listed twice, lots of chemical additives, vitamin supplements that they don't need, artificial colors, and a lot of ground up produce that has probably lost most of it's nutritional value and just adds way too much sugar to the food. Basically, even though it doesn't have any seeds or nuts in it, this is really just high fat, pretty colored junk food for guinea pigs.
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