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What kind of hideys do you use?


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Oct 9, 2011
I'm trying (in an effort to keep my piggies from being such scaredy pigs) to find other hideys for them, instead of Igloos...any suggestions?

What have you used that you really liked?
In my girls' daypen, a couple of their favorite things to be in are-
1) a small cardboard box with all of the flaps opened up, laying on its side; one small side flap is cut off and there is a towel draped over that end, leaving a gap for entry/exit. In the side that is up two small holes are cut, and sometimes I jam veggies/hay in for them to pull down and munch :) there is also a hanging toy (originally a bird toy with a bell on the end) that I can stick things on as well.
2) originally marketed as a "ferret litter box" it is a light green tray that fits into a corner; I have placed a snuggley blanket inside, and Frappe likes to hop inside and rest/sleep on it- it is adorable. Frappilicious often will squirm underneath the blanket and rest as well.
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