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Sounds what is THE sound that sets your guys off to Wheeking?


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Mar 4, 2012
For mine, it's the sound of my slippers hitting the laminate flooring in the basement/playroom where they are housed (we live in a split level...so it's not cold down there) Every time they hear my slipper shuffle, they start letting their presence be known. "HI We're here HI HI, Where's our veggies! WHEEEK" It's funny. The kitchen is upstairs so that's where their veggies are prepped, they don't get to see/hear the prep, but they do hear my feet shuffling to feed them lol.
When I go to give the girls their Veggies, I shake their container filled with pellets. That gets their attention. Then, I open the top. That gets them zoomy. Then, I take my scooper and scoop out their pellets. Then they start popcorning. THEN I dump the pellets into their bowl, and it makes a sound like wind chimes. THEN THEY START WHEEKING!
Footsteps coming up the stairs. The piggies are housed in the room right next to the stairs, so when they hear me coming, whether I have veggies or not, they wheek up a storm. And they won't stop wheeking until I pet them. They don't do it if I'm only down there a few minutes, only when I've been downstairs a while.
Going into the kitchen, water running, opening fridge/freezer door, standing near fridge, standing near kitchen, a bag noise (any kind of bag), certain things getting cooked on the stove, hearing each other, smelling each other, being away from each other, being near their supply area, touching things in their supply area (particularly hay/pellet bags), coming out of the bedroom in the morning, no reason at all...in a one bedroom apartment, all of these things happen a lot :melodrama
My trash can has a sliding, flip top thingy. My piggies starting wheeking like made when I flip the top up, because it usually means I'm gutting the seeds out of their pepper.

My piggies get excited over a trash can!!!...LOL
The fridge and plastic bags rustling gets Borat (formerly Leela) into a wheeking frenzy. Whoever owned him before must have given him veggies from the fridge because he's right there looking out at me and wheeking for goodies whenever he hears that door.
When I call their names
Well, lets start the list. xD 1. When I grab the box that holds their hay. 2. When I open the door to their room. 3. When I shift things around in the "Piggy Supply Bin" where the treats are held. 4. When I put Godric back in the cage after lap time, because they know when that happens it's time for veggies! 5. When they hear the vitamin bottle rattle. 6. When they hear any type of bag. 7. When they hear me pouring the pellets. 8. When I step into the cage, because they know I will either give them hay, take the bowls to refill them, or get them for lap time. 9. When I take Fus out of the cage, Ro Dah will call (wheek) for her or vice versa. 10. Sometimes they will just wheek randomly. xD
My girls don't really wheek, or if they do, it's only Chai and it's just one shrill wheek and she's done. They make bubbly sounds a lot though, when they hear bags rustling or just when we come into the bedroom they're in.
When I open my door, I change the hay, when I walk by, and when it's morning or after I get off work. (I feed them on a kind of schedual.)
I love the weeking and mine gives me kisses :)
When they hear me pick up the pellet container and open the wheek like crazy. At night around veggie time the wheek whenever they hear me come in the room.
Chopping their veggies up and sometimes even just walking in the room, lol. :)
Two different things here...
when they hear their treat...nibble rings bag jiggle.. they all line up along the edge of the cage until they get their treat.
and second.. when it's about 10pm ..they let me know that it's bedtime veggies time. they have a good internal clock! Dont have to be anywhere need them...and they wheek until I give them to them. They are so comical sometimes!
awww haha
Your pigs sound so cute
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