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How Many? what is the difference between owning 2 guinea pigs and owning 3 guinea pigs?


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Dec 6, 2011
i am constantly battling myself whether to get a third guinea pig or not. of course, i would need permission from apartment management.

however, what are the differences in costs? vet bills? responsibility? what are the pros and cons of owning three pigs?

i found an owner, who appears to be educated on guinea pigs, on craigslist with a beautiful female guinea pig up for adoption. she looks like an abyssinian version of one of my guinea pigs, so of course my heart melted even more so when i saw her.
I would think the biggest concern would be vet bills should something happen and, of course, more poop to clean up. But, if you have a big enough cage...
I haven't noticed too much change in 2 to 3. I think my veggie bill went up by a few dollars a week but not noticeable to me in our monthly budget. The biggest change was needing to clean the cage more often. I went from spot cleaning 2 times a day to needing to do that 3 times as day and from doing a total cage cleaning every 5 days to every 4 days.

But the guinea pigs are very happy. They seem to like having an additional guinea friend. I certainly like watching the 3 of them do their guinea pig thing esepcailly at floor time. The little hierarchy things that they do and the games of chase. Fighting over veggies is probably the funniest. One will grab a piece of lettuce then the other two try to take it from him. Very cute and silly. =D
i have a fairly large cage, i'm not sure of the sq footage, but here's a photo of it.
i usually fully clean it out every 5-6 days.

i'm not too worried about veggie money, but i do worry if one pig gets sick, then the vet bill may triple due to the risk of all of them getting sick.

[GuineaPigCages.com] what is the difference between owning 2 guinea pigs and owning 3 guinea pigs?
Your cage is HUGE! You def have the room! As far as them getting sick, I guess it would be no different from now. If one gets sick, the other might. Vet bills for 3 is going to be more of a concern, but monitoring them closely will help to potentially catch anything before it spreads (which, I'm sure, is what you do now). I guess you have to decide if you can handle that added expense. I love my girls and I am constantly searching for just the right addition for them. If you find a friend that you think will fit in well with your two boys, then I figure listen to your gut. I always seem to find a way to handle any vet problems because I love all my animals so much :). It's like having a child. You figure it out and everything falls into place...
i have two girls and the pig i want is a female. i haven't contacted the owner yet, because i don't want to get his/her hopes up.

i also worry about future apartment hunting. i might extend my lease another year when the time comes, but when i do need to move out i have a feeling it'll be hard to find a place that'll accept 3 pigs. sure, i could lie and say i only have one, but that would eat away at me and i wouldn't feel right lying and taking advantage of people like that.

i have been told i could ask my current landlord to write a recommendation, saying the pigs didn't cause any damage or trouble and i was able to keep the apartment in great condition.
Like kittymalone said: vet bills would triple. But that shouldn't be a problem if you moniter them very closely. (Which I'm sure you already do)

Your cage looks like a 3x5 with an addition. The minimum for 3 pigs is a 2x5 so you should be perfectly fine as far as cage space.

I think that as long as you are willing to invest more time in cleaning and monitering them, you should be fine.

Good luck, hope you can get that piggie! I say go for it!!
I think the poop and maybe extra veggies? I spent less than 20 dollars for my 3, for veggies. However Honey won't eat her veggies :mad: vet bill might change, if one gets sick and the others follow suit. other than that.... not much really.
as for vet bills, what is the most expensive it could possibly get? say if all three had mites or a URI or needed surgery or had dental issues?
it depends on your vet
I wouldn't know lol. I even have to check what a normal check up here is - someone mentioned to me it could be about 50.00... or less. Always depends on the vet, and even if they allow payment plans - so if you didn't have 100.00 to pull out of a hat, you could do it in payments. If you ask your vet, or ask a few vets and find out, you'll get a better response :3
i'm sure the vet bills would add up quickly.

a few months ago i went in to have elliot checked out. i found a lump under her chin. the visit itself was $35, the biopsy was $65, and if the vet had to send it to a lab that was another $100.

elliot did not cooperate and was getting too stressed out, so the vet told me to come in another time if the lump grew so she could try the biopsy again. i was only charged for the visit and LUCKILY elliot's lump disappeared in a matter of two weeks.

i'm afraid if all three pigs had something wrong, i'd have to pay for the visit as well as biopsies and having the biopsies sent to the lab (wow, $100 just to have it sent to a lab?! i wonder if that would be per biopsy), as well as paying for medication.

i'm just going to wait. i have over $700 in savings for emergencies, but i don't want all of it to disappear just because three pigs get sick.

i keep telling myself once i'm done with college and i get a job, i can think about a third one. once i have my own house i can definitely have more, because i won't have a landlord watching over everything i do.

i just keep taunting myself by looking at pigs that are up for adoption in my area. ):
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