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What is that Warm Wetness on My Lap?


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Sep 24, 2011
Oh, it's just my guinea pig's pee...no biggie.

I was watching American Idol Thursday night, and of course, I got so lost in the show that I forgot I was holding Ginger and she needed a potty break. Uh oh, my bad, now I have wet jeans. Great. I was sitting on the couch and I even had a piece of Uhaul pad under her, but it went through and got on the couch as well. I really need a lap pad from Piggie Bedspreads...

I hurried and grabbed a wash cloth with soap on it and scrubbed the spot. Then I layed on it and covered it with the blankets I was using so my Dad wouldn't see. I had gotten yelled at for her water bottle leaking and making a puddle/stain on our new hardwood floors. I didn't need another.

The next morning, the spot was gone! Phew! All better!

Thanks Ginger, you gave me quite a night.

Sorry, just needed to rant. Anyone else have some pig pee experiences they'd like to share? lol
I was holding my piggie Oliver when I first got him, you know bonding with him and all. Then I took him to my mom's room to show her how tame he was becoming when, BAM! Warm liquid down my leg onto my mom's expensive sleep number bed. :eek:hmy: Thank god she had a waterproof cover.:D I didn't know too much about potty breaks then. Hehe :eek:
Haha I think we've all been there. I know that feeling well. We are having laptime with the pigs when we feel it and we know instantly what is happening. That's why I always try to remember to bring out the lap pad from Piggy Bedspreads.

Yes, they do work when my pigs actually do pee on the material but my pigs, little stinkeroos that they are, they will scoot to the edge and pee over the side. I guess their logic is, "Hey, I dont want to pee where I'm laying".
Jumble warns me if she wants to pee, since she is tidy. Picckalo, however, delights in peeing and will do so at any moment. The really funny thing is that after he does it, he immediately turns around and rubs his nose around in it and snuffles it. Maybe it's a territorial marking thing as well as just needing to pee. He usually pees on my husband and my husband is very much owned by Picckalo.

Triton and Oink do sometimes but not so often. They just keep sitting there after they do.

Boy-o, is it hot!!!
Some carpet shampooers have an attachment for furniture ( I think). Silly little Ginger!

Numa loves peeing on me, and I'm always amazed at the amount that comes out of his little body! I Have 2x1 fleece liners, but I need one with a waterproof layer.
I use to have a piggie who bited me every time she needed to pee.I don't know how to teach them for bite and let us know, she just learned it!
So last week Olive was inside my shirt, I didnt notice she was unquiet, so I had to change my clothes hahaha.
My Piggie, Puff, always warns me before she "releases the fluid." She will start with doing soft squeaks, then if that is not enough, she will grab my shirt with her teeth and pull on it!:D
Happened to me today :/ I was sat there with guests around, Broccoli on my lap, then felt a warm liquid....oh dear - I knew exactly what that was! So I just sat there pretending nothing had happened - I couldn't bear to stand up and people notice! :eek:

@CavyLover1234 Aww, that's cute :) One of my first ever piggies Jack used to wheek the house down when he needed to 'go'!
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