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Flags What if the website allows selling of guinea pigs?


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Nov 10, 2011
Craiglist-like websites here in my country allow selling of animals, even wildlife. What can I do if there's no rule or policy against it? It's hard because people who use that website think differently. :(
What exactly are you looking to do?

If you are trying to stop the sale of animals and it's not against the rules and regulations you'd have to do a lot of politicing to get things to change.

If you are trying to adopt from one of these sites, then you just have to look for signs a person is a breeder and stear clear. If someone has multiple babies for "sale/rehoming," But don't offer a cage, food or supplies then chances are they're a breeder.
You could flag them anyway. If they are like Craig's list every thing is automated so if enough people flag it the ad goes down even if it is with in regulations.
I'll try to contact the web owner. But I' doubt they'll cooperate, since pets are the main things people go there for.
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