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What I bought my b/f hamsters


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Jul 1, 2008
As a xmas joke present I order a toy version of my b/f scooter, so now hamster can go with him when he scooters hehehe..Here is one of hamster trying it out and a picture a my b/f with his real scooter..

What I bought my b/f hamstersWhat I bought my b/f hamstersWhat I bought my b/f hamstersWhat I bought my b/f hamsters
Cute, cute hamster. Is that it's name, Hamster. lol
What an adorable hamster!
Helllooo Her name is Cheeks :)
OMG, that is too cute!
Ahhh, what a cute name. She is adorable. I use to have hamsters, love having them. They really can be very lovable and fun to watch.
We have 6 altogether almong 1 rat, hedgehog, and our 2 piggies
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