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What does your piggy like doing that you wouldn't expect?


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Jan 18, 2012
I got my guinea pig, Audrey yesterday. They told me to keep her on her own at all times btw, that's why I have one (she's an attention seeker, and apparently she's very bossy). ANYWAY.
She hasn't been shy around me and loves to be out of her cage on my knee.. but she loves the tv lol
I have a 3 year old brother so the kids channels are always on and Audrey loves the little childrens programmes like In the night garden, and Waybuloo.
Last night she couldn't keep her eyes off the tv when johnathan Ross was on, I know their eyesight isn't meant to be good but she still has her eyes on the tv and makes happy wheeking noises..
She also likes music and watching me on the laptop as far as I can see lol!
What do your piggies like doing that you wouldn't expect a guinea pig to enjoy?
Henry likes to try and eat my text books while I study. I guess that might be expected.
Terra licks my finger non stop while I'm holding her. She will also play tug a war with big pieces of hay with me. she rips it out of my hand then drops it.
I'm curious about who told you to keep her on her own at all times and why they would say that. Guinea pigs are social critters and flourish in a herd setting.
The people I bought the guinea pig from told me to keep her on her own, they've tried bonding her with other guinea pigs since birth.. she fought with all of her siblings and all the other guinea pigs and they had to isolate her for her to be happy.
While there are a few pigs who simply cannot get along with other pigs, it's rare. It's possible the cage they tried to bond her with other pigs in, was too small which might be why she fought. Likewise, if they were unaware of the need to intro on neutral territory rather than just putting them together, that could make a big difference as well.

I wouldn't close the door to getting her a female friend or neutered male friend as long as they are in an appropriately sized cage and are intro'd on neutral territory, it should be okay.
I have a boar I adopted from my daughter who had adopted him from the SPCA. She told me he was kept in a cage by himself in another room away from the other piggies. I tried to bond him thru Pet Finders to no avail. They told me, and I saw some of the behavior, that he had worked himself up into such a state they were worried about heart failure.

I found a rescue lady in my area who agreed to try. Same story.

I don't know Poppy's life history, only that Jeni adopted him at 2 years of age? and I adopted him from her 6 or so months later.

However, I will try in the future to find him a friend. Meanwhile, it falls to ME to be his cage mate. Literally as well as figuratively. I spend 8-10 hours a day with him. Getting down on his level trying to 'be' a GP. I am fortunate, I work part time.

You folks probably think I am nuts. :eek:
Don't change this into a "your piggy needs a friend" thread guys. :p
I'm sure the OP will be more inclined to find her pig a friend once she is more familiar with her personality and such first.

On the other note, my pigs are a whole bundle of quirky... Calypso has a habit of smacking her 'sister' on the top of the head when she hogs the pellet bowl. Cinnamon popcorns when a I drop her hay on top of her, and she likes to stand up on my open books and look like she's reading them, it's real cute :p
Haha, I don't think your nuts.. I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time with Audrey today.. & I'll try to get her a friend.. I would love to have more than one piggy.. but at the minute I'm off school and I'll wait until around the time I'm going back until I try to get a new one. :) I was initially looking for 2 females, btw.
Gigabyte used to follow me around the house, wheeking. And when I looked at him, he'd run back to his cage and hide. What was REALLY funny is that he would sneak over to me when I wasn't looking and he would sit by my feet while I played on the computer. Hehehe. He was a single boar, and a huge mama's boy.

Rodney, my blind guinea pig, sits with my boyfriend on the couch and listens and 'looks' for the sound when my boyfriend plays video games. He also loves when I play music.

Also, Gigabyte apparently liked Facebook:

[GuineaPigCages.com] What does your piggy like doing that you wouldn't expect?
Patch loves to sit on my chest with his butt near my chin...
George loves to munch non stop on poops during our "piggy and me" time....
Charlie, my sweet little slug, loves to be lazy when I want to have fun....

At some point I guess I will need to learn I am their human and instead of them being my pets :)
Haha, these are funny and cute:)
My guinea pig keeps trying to jump into the bin :O! she got out tonight when she was in the care of my brother but I was lucky enough to catch her without much of a problem.
Tomorrow we're introducing her to another guinea pig, female and the same age.. hopefully she'll like her and we can have her :D!
That is one high speed Piggy!!!!
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