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Play What does your piggy do that makes you smile


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Apr 27, 2014
I thought it was time for me to make another fun thread so here we go :)

They all have their moments, They all know how to make you smile, Sundae was exploring her new cuddle sack and I hear her shrill wheek, I look over and she seems to be stuck in her cuddle sack. its over her little head and she just can't find her way out, I removed it and got her out, she did it again, haha I don't know what I am going to do with that little girl....

So what do your piggies do?
Just looking at her makes me smile. But when she makes her cute noises or looks at me lovingly like she's listening to me, that breaks my heart in a good way.
I agree with Artista that just watching my girls can brighten up my day. My youngest piggy, Pippy, grooms the others in conveyer-belt style every night, going from one to the next which I think is adorable. My favorite though, has to be watching my girls popcorn. It just doesn't get much cuter than watching these big fuzzy balls happily flopping around their cage.
Pretty much everything they do makes me smile. Looking over into their cage and seeing them run around, or napping, is just... the best. After I come home from work when I'm exhausted, they're the best stress relief I've ever had.
I smile when a guinea pig gives a big stretch and a yawn because it shows how comfortable and content they are. I also love when they stand on their back legs to beg for food or whistle so hard for veggies that their little ears flap backwards!
I love when my new girl Cherry gets excited for hay and veggies. She's always the first one to squeak in the morning; she knows I usually get up at 10, but if she hears me turn over earlier, she'll squeak her heart out. Tonight she was popcorning so hard, she even had my 5 and half year old Marybell doing it :)

It makes me smile when I see how happy my pigs are; they're all adopted or rescued, so it fills my heart with happiness.
it makes me smile when i'm cuddling my guinea pigs and they purr.
I love when my piggies are running around laps and get so tired, they collapse right into a nap. It's so cute lol. Or when my piggy is lying down with his two hind legs sticking straight out behind him.
Moose used to have her tunnel the her cage and she would race around her cage and then jump over her tunnel she reminded me a little horse :p

These piggies have helped me so much and they don't even know it...every day both do some thing that melts my heart
Ferb and Penny have me laughing every day. They play chase and Ferb tries to rumble and popcorn at the same time. Every time I get near the kitchen they start wheeking and stand at attention with their front paws on the side of their food dishes. I love it when Ferb rumble struts Penny and then starts rubbing his chin all over her her neck and licking her ears. It's hilarious when one of them finishes their veggies first and tries to take the others' so they play tug of war and keep away with the veggie piece that's left. They always race each other to the veggies and will do crazy things to get there first, yesterday when I put lettuce into the cage Ferb did this crazy kangaroo hop over the food dish and ran headfirst into Penny who was popcorning to the lettuce, I wish I had it on video.
I love anything my piggies do, when my piggie felix scratches me by accident when I'm holding him, he trys to lick it better, and when its mealtime he looks so happy and wheeks in excitement, and he's so cute when he is asleep, and when I am sad or if I have had a bad day at school, i sit with him on my bed and he snuggles into me and licks my arm.. he is so sweet! he is a little feisty, like me, and thats why i love him, just seeing him maakes me melt.. if I' angry at someone, he calms me down and does something silly to make me laugh, it's like he can sense my mood or something..

And when i get near the fridge, or the cage, he leans up on the side and waits with his mouth open wide for a treat.. aaaawww..:love::love::love::love::love::love::love::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

xx thats why i love him!
spike makes me smile when he pop corns about the pen wheekingfor veg :d
he's obsessed lol
Moses squeaks whenever we walk in the door. However when you go to get him from his cage, he runs around in circles so he can't be caught. Absolute goofball. He also randomly started squeaking when we were playing cards against humanity with some friends last weekend. It was like he thought they were funny too!
My pig, peaches, will curl up with you whenever you are sad or mad at something. People tell me that pigs don't understand people, but they are wrong.
I smile when my shy guinea pigs come up and take food from my hand for the first time, I smile when they let me stroke them for the first time, I smile even more when they don't run away when I go to pick them up:)
I have never heard of a guinea pig likeing a cat of its own accord. I would never force animals of two different species to be friends. But the other day I was sitting on the couch with Charlie on my lap. My huge cat Buttons jumped up beside me and I prepared myself to leave if Charlie got scared. To my surprise Charlie leaned forward as far as I would let him and sniffed while Buttons was sleeping, he actually dug his nose into the cats fur and rubbed. That made me smile.
Yesterday when I went into my bedroom Buttons followed my in and sat beside Charlies cage. Charlie immediately raced up to him and stood up against the bars of the cage. Both cat and guinea pig were touching noses!!! That made me smile:)
Whats that I see??? Lettuce?? Girls???

[GuineaPigCages.com] What does your piggy do that makes you smile
I smile when my sweet girl popcorns so hard that she makes here entire fiddlesticks tunnel jump with her.

i also love when she rushes over to her food bowl and starts eating as soon as the family sits down for dinner; it's like she knows it's dinner time!
I love when Pumpkin stretches up all the way to reach the very highest bits of hay in the hay rack. Every time the baby piglets run around popcorning like mad, I can't stop smiling.
I love it when I walk through the living room and Snuggles can tell it's me and not my dad/brother/mom and will start squeaking like crazy to get my attention so we can have more floor time. (her cage is in my room)
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