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Bathing What does everyone use to bathe their guinea pigs?


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Mar 28, 2012
What kind of shampoo do you use to bathe your guinea pigs? Does anyone have any good home remedie shampoos or anything? How often do you give them a bath?
Guinea pigs don't really need regular baths. They do very well with self-grooming. Unless they end up with mud in their fur somehow or maybe urine if they are long-haired, they really don't need to be bathed.

If they are long-haired and tend to end up with gunk in their fur because it drags on the floor, a bath once/month would be fine. But use kitten shampoo as it is very mild. There is also a bunny shampoo that some people use.
Ditto what CavyMama said. Use a kitten shampoo or a shampoo made for small animals. Super pet makes a kind called Squeaky Clean for small animals that I have used in the past. You can also order Gorgeous Guineas shampoo online: (broken link removed)
Guinea Pigs don't need baths at all unless they get really dirty and hair is matted. If they need a bath, give them one. Otherwise, don't worry about it. They won't need a bath otherwise. Too many can dry and flake their skin. At the least, try not to give them baths more than once every six months unless necessary.

I would use what sounds most appealing to you from (broken link removed) or simply use a kitten shampoo-- Nothing human.

you use ferret dog cat and rabbit shampoo either or you can use baby shampoo not the one trhat can sting there eyes and don't put the shampoo or water on the guinie pigs head thank you for reading.:)
I have long haired adolescent boars and they definitely need baths! I use Gorgeous Guineas shampoo :)
what to do if your guinie pig needs a bath but you dont know how to bathe it ?

well i can answer that if you need to use baby shampoo or animal shampoo it is available at petco or petsmart.so then pure warm not hot or cold water on it's body not head. than you put the shampoo on the guinie pig again it's body not it's head after that brush it and blow dry it. tlhank you!lol
I use Posh n' Go by Goregeous Guineas. Smells a bit like bug repellant, but works nicely. They have some scented ones that smell better. They also have conditioners for piggies. Pretty cool.
There's a gorgeous guineas shampoo I'd like to try for my boars when the time comes to bathe them. It's a more manly smell - sandalwood. I like the idea of having boy things for my boy pigs :)
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