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What Do Your Piggies LOVE?


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Dec 18, 2011
All Pigs have to love SOMETHING!

My Lil' Babe loves :

1. Radicchio for food.

2. Lap time when she is out of her cage.

3. My singing.

4. Nose kisses.

5. Cuddle cups.

6. Timothy Hay.

7. Infatuating me with cuteness!!!!!


Big Sis':

1. Big piles of Veggies.

2. Being pet right above her nose.

3. Styling her fur above her head into a Mohawk (well, I do it, not her!)

4. Running around.

5. Rumblestrutting at walls........ lol

6. Also, infatuating me with cuteness!!!!!!!


Let's see who's Piggy LOVES the most!

(Don't get me wrong, though: they all love the most in their own way!)


Have fun!

Princess Loves:

1. Carrots,apples, parsley, and lettus(so far)
2. She loves when my kids or I talk to her
3. She loves to pet(anywhere but by her belly now)
4. Loves having a buddy to keep her company
5. Loves attention from anyone who will give it to her LOL
6. She loves to eat and lay down
7. Loves to alone at times
8Used to love exploring and still loves to be nosy LOL

Prince loves:
1. Loves to bother his cage mates(when him and the girls were together)
2. Loves his hidy house
3. Loves alfalfa hay so much that he barely will eat Timothy hay
4. Loves apples, lettus, carrots and parsley(so far)
6. Loves attention
7. Loves to wheek a lot
8. Loves to popcorn all over the cage

Brownie Loves:
1. Love fruits and veggies
2. Loves to be talked to
3. Now loves to eat more
4. Loves to hide
5. Loves being alone sometimes
6. Loves laying with princess
7. Loves to run and climb

That's all so far.
Penny loves:
- running around during floor time
- screaming at me for food all hours of the day
- gentle scritches (she'll lie down and close her eyes as soon as I start petting her)
- piggie trains with her husband
- cilantro
- her fleece forest

Sheldon loves:
- his wife, he absolutely adores her
- he likes to be held and carried around
- cuddles with his Mama
- his log cabin
- strawberries
- doing sexy dances in front of Penny

I love my pigs ❤️
Princess Leia loves lap time, apples, timothy hay, and playing with my dog Baby Girl and my moms wiennie dogs, Rouge and Jubilee. Its very cute, they will lick eachother and chase eachother. I had even caught Leia and the wiennie dogs on the couch laying together once. I left Leia on the couch to go get something, and when I came back the dogs moved in and were laying with her. She deffinately loves the dogs.:love:
My girls also love their new loft, fleece forests, and bags of hay! And their wooden hidey hut.
Sheldon loves:
- his wife, he absolutely adores her
- he likes to be held and carried around
- cuddles with his Mama
- his log cabin
- strawberries
- doing sexy dances in front of Penny

I love my pigs ❤️
That sounds freaking adorable!!

Pigson loves exploring during Adventure Time (what I call his floor time), he loves his hay bag, and all food. Every food. Any food. He's DEFINITELY not picky haha ^.^
Amy loves:
Extorting me for carrots with pathetic wheeks
Popcorning and doing zoomies when I add bedding to her cage
Her cuddle cup

Before Borat got sick, he loved:
Sitting up to beg for carrots
Rumblestrutting at Amy through their cage walls
I haven't had mine long, but here's what I have noticed so far:

-Boots likes to "stand up" to greet me
(The rest apply to all three; The two Abys are still shy though)
- love carrots and dandelion, in particular
-Hidey hole
- Each other

Although all three are close, the younger two (whom I think are brothers) are particularly attached; I am so glad I got all three of them, because seeing how close they are, I think they would have so depressed to be separated - especially the two Abys.
Wilson loves:
- Carrots. he's absolutely loco for them!
- chin scratches, head scratches, and back scratches
- the word "snack"
- big piles of timothy hay
- playing and crawling over pillows
- pulling on my clothes, even when he doesn't need to go to the bathroom!
- licking/nibbling my ankles/feet O__o
- tunnels
- fresh salads
- ice cubes on hot days
- purposely making noise when I'm going to sleep. and when I tell him to keep it down he gets louder. such a little troll :silly:
Mr. Waffles loves:
-Getting attention
-Getting petted by the head while he eats his veggies
-Hay, LOVES eating hay.
-Play time... but he doesn't like getting touched. :p

I don't hold him much. One of my friends came over, and she just like, fell in love with my pig!
Not that it really mattered. She just gave him all the attention, and he made all the cute little noises a pig would make. It even made me smile when I saw them cuddling. First time she held him, she held him too long, and he wet #1 on her, LOL. :D
Gus loves:

- Fresh grass and carrots
- A freshly cleaned cage
- Running around being a secret agent ninja pig during floortime
- Being petted and cuddled - but only when he's in his cage. During floortime he has more important things to do.

Lavender loves:

- Food. I can't narrow it down. She just loves food lol
- Playing follow the leader with Pants
- Clean, fluffy fleece
- Being held and cuddled
- Whatever Pants is eating

Pants loves:

- Whatever Lavender is eating
- Clean fleece and fresh loose bedding. Are all piggies neat freaks, or is it just mine?
- Climbing on top of hideys in the hope of being fed first
- To be admired and not touched :cool:

... and they all live for the sound of the hay bag being rustled. They start popcorning and singing joyful songs if they hear that. Guinea pig happiness is irresistible!
They all love-


-Doing tricks
-Water melon
-Peeing on me
-This website
-Tipping her bowl over

-Being petted behind her ears
-Sitting with her birth Mamma.
-Grooming me
-Sitting on my lap
-Paper towel tubes

-Sitting on his house
-Flirting with the females
-Trying to break through a barrier in his cage
-Sitting on my face

-Listening to music
-Floor time
-His ball
Pepper loves
-bell pepper
-finding different ways to escape his cage

-her pigloo
-playing in the lawn
-going through tunnels

-her pigloo
-cuddling with her momma Lilly
Mia loves:
-Eating baby spinach
-Going outside to nibble on grass
-Being scratched on her back
-Piano music
-Me singing
-Seeing my chuihauhau
-The sound of the water faucet on
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