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Behavior What do your piggies do all day?


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Dec 5, 2011
My two pigs take naps a lot. They'll wake up every now and then to eat some hay, and sometimes they'll chase each other around (usually only for two or three minutes though), and then one of them will go take a nap, and the other one will just sit there and stare into space.

They don't do much other then sleep and eat. When I give them floortime, they don't move around much either.

What do your pigs do all day? I want to see if their behavior is normal or not.
Also, I've had one for three and a half weeks, and the other for two and a half weeks now. Not sure if that is relevant or not.
Mine tend to be more active if take their pigloos out once in awhile. They spend most of their time in them when they're in the cage. I always make sure they have them at night but will take them out during the day sometimes so they get some exercise. After sleeping, I'd say the spend the most time eating or grazing on hay. Two of mine are seniors so they're not inclined to run around a lot. I'll see the younger ones dart around or popcorn more often than the old ones.
Eat hay and poop, apparently lol
Sleep, eat and poop. Thats all they do when Im watching. Maybe they run around or do something else when Im not around.
My piggies mostly laze around. Sleep occassionally, munch on hay all day and sometimes their pellets and chase each other around and tease one another. I try to move their things around in their cages every other day and add new littles toys and take some out so they can have fun exploring and sniffing around. :) They also make it a game that everytime any walks past them they all start wheeking and popcorning around. But they still get floortime everyday.

Which. I know off topic. But does anyone know how I can corral eight piggies (my females) all in one area safely and what I can do for floor time for entertainment.?
As for entertainment...I kind meant like maybe setting up a maze. Putting in things to run through.
They are couch potatoes! They sleep, eat, poop, and occasionally run around. But I still love them.
We've had our girls for under a week but I've had piggies in the past. Everyone else's comments are pretty much the norm. My girls are babies so they're a bit more inquisitive at the moment but in general all my piggies have always ate their hay, took naps in various places at various times during the day and randomly chased each other around for fun. Oh to be a piggie, that's the life. Eating, napping. I want their pampered life :) As a side note to what Kristen asked, we use grids to block off the livingroom and anything we don't want them to get to, like cords or places that they could get under and we wouldn't safely be able to get them out. Then we put a dinner plate with their veggies and some hay in there, some toys that only come out during floor time and tubes to run through and such. I've never tried a maze, maybe when they're a bit older we will try that and see what they think of it.
I think my guinea pigs do nothing more than watch me and see if I go in the kitchen or not. If I do they wheek like they are starving. Other than that they sleep and eat or think about eating and sleeping. They do do a lot of staring at nothing as well.
Sleep, eat and poop. Thats all they do when Im watching. Maybe they run around or do something else when Im not around.

Exactly what mine do!! :)
EXACTLY what my piggies do!! Ahahaha now I know my piggies aren't acting weird or anything!
One of them does a lot of staring into space too!
Nap w/ eyes open. Poop. Eat. Run back to hidey. Let me hold her. Gets restless and gets put back in cage. Pees. Hides. Gets let out for floor time. Goes back in cage. Eats. Runs to hidey. Again.

I love her though, besides, I've only observed this behavior for 2 days lol and once I get her a friend I'm sure she'll be more active.
Mine rest for a while, then eat and then eat some more, drink some water, rearrange their shelters and toys into a run for themselves and then run around for a while, then sleep, then get up and do it all over again.
Mine are pretty active. Even if they've had a while for floor time, they will literally push their stuff around the cage and then run in and out of it. The best is when one doesn't like what the other has moved, and tries to move it back. I always get a laugh out of it. They're like two disagreeing architects XD
Long division. They do long division..... And make plans for world domination.... Oh, also eat, sleep, and poop....
The world taken over by guinea pigs?....
There'd be so many mandatory veggies.... Bleck.
Mine used to sit on top of his pigloo like he was the king of the world. Then he'd beg for floortime and follow me around the house, wheeking for food. Before feeding time, he'd snuggle up to me on my shoulder, around my neck and make contented sounds. Then he'd run back to his cage, gobble his veggies, run up the ramp, and back into the pigloo.
Special needs doesn't mean you don't have enough energy to drive your owners nuts and love them.
Right now I only have one piggie. He mainly eats, sleeps, and does tons and tons of laps and popcorning around the cage. He's actually pretty active. I'm planning on getting him a friend soon, so I'm excited to see how that affects the behavior/activity level!
Long division. They do long division..... And make plans for world domination.... Oh, also eat, sleep, and poop....

Oh heck, that made me laugh! 'What'll we do tonight, Brain?" "Same thing we do every night, Pinky...TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!"
Yup, Sounds Like a Guinea Pig Normality!!!!
When I take out the Igloos' {TOTALLY DIFFERENT STORY}....... they seem to go INSANE!!!!!!
They start to Fleece dig and hide under toys too!!!!
But sounds All Normal <3
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