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Fleece What do you use to get the hairs of your fleece?


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Feb 17, 2012
My fleece gets quite hairy when Broccoli is on it, and my mum doesn't like putting the fleece in the washing machine with lots of hairs and bits of hay on because it may not be good for the washing machine. Plus, a clean, hairless fleece looks nicer too :)

What methods do you use to get rid of the hair? Can you recommend any good hair removal brushes?

Thanks in advance :)
You can try using a hand vacuum or a rolling lint brush.
I have a small dustpan that I keep in this pretty little box next to the guinea pig cage, sweeping both ways gets everything off.
No brushes like lint rollers for me, they fill up to quick and while a dustpan works for hay and pellet crumbs, it doesn't get as much hair as the brush I use.

I use the Fur-Be-Gone brush.

fur be gone brush - Google Search
i just shake mine then wash it in a wash bag you can get them on here (broken link removed) :)
I use the Fur-Be-Gone brush too. It works pretty good but not 100%, and it requires a little bit of effort. I like it overall.
Thanks for the replies! I'll have a look at Canadian Comforts :)
one of the best purchases i've made recently is that "sticky buddy" roller brush they advertise on TV. it's a special silicone that picks up hair amazingly well. you then simply wash it under warm water and the stuff falls off and somehow it gets sticky again. amazon sells it for about $12
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