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General What do you hgave for your guinea pigs?


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May 4, 2012
What is ALL, the stuff you have for your guinea pig, including unnecessary things.
I have 4 guinea pigs.

Cage supplies:

- Two 2x4 cages
- A few changes of fleece liner, tidy pads per cage
- 4 water bottles (2 per cage)
- 4 pellet dishes (2 per cage)
- 2 fleece tunnels(one in each cage)
- 2 pigloos (one in each)
- 2 fleece forests (one in each)
- 2 cardboard chew tubes (I switch out with the fleece tunnels)
- A hay rack per cage. One is a shower basket, the other a utensil holder. Will be replaced with bent grids once our younger pigs head's grow more. =P
- Two small animal playpens connected to all my spare grids
- A canvas tarp and shower curtains (to protect my floor during floor time)
- Pipes and stepping stools for floortime hiding spots

First Aid/ grooming:
- saline wound wash
-human nail clippers ( will be replaced with small animal clippers eventually)
- blood stopper (for if you quick the nail)
- cotton rounds ( good for wiping down the outside of the boar bits)
- Q-tips (for outside of the ears, anal sac, etc)
- Mineral oil (general gunk removal)
- coconut oil ( for grease glands, the mineral oil doesn't wash out from there as easily as this seems to)
- Posh n' Go shampoo by Gorgeous Guineas

The food I buy other than veggies is KMS pellets and hay. I also have two laundry baskets for only pig fleece, an air filter, I bought a handvac for their cage the other day, and a trash can for their bountiful poops.
Apart from C&C equipment, we have fleece forests, an embarassing number of fleece cozies, tunnels, liners, pads, huts, etc., a quantity of toilet paper rolls and oatmeal containers, and some newspaper to put down for floor time as a toy. We also have those dangling toy things that you can put wooden sticks or veggies on. One has a bell that Jumble sometimes rings when she wants room service. Braided timothy segments to play with/chew on. Wooden sticks and segments. And tons of paper bags.

Oh yeah -- nail clippers, styptic powder, towels, an emergency evac kit including carry pouches, one car carrier for each of them, vitamin c drops and about 12 syringes (which we boil after each use), a quarantine setup, q-tips, mineral oil (we have boars, yes we need to get coconut oil), guinea pig-safe shampoo, eye drops for Picckalo.
I have a 2x4 C&C cage, with 3 sets of fleece, sides and towels. 1 fleece forest, one fleece tunnel, paper bages, 1 water bottle, 4 large ceramic dishes, 9 small ceramic dishes, a homemade hay rack (cereal box), wood chews, 2 homemade cosie beds, 3 water proof blankets, 2 water proof crib blankets, 4 table cloths, sheets and fleece (floor time), a play pen made from a pack of grids.
First aid wise I have nail clippers, q-tips, mineral oil, gentle shampoo, hair brush, and a kitchen scale for weigh ins.
Food wise, I have oxbox adult pellets and hay.
I get my guinea pigs in a few days :D I think I'm prepaired ...
I also have dry shampoo, a broom and dustpan, and a nail brush for cleaning the cage.
I also have cage cleaner.
I have 3 boars.

-3x5 C&C cage
-4 litter boxes
-2 bent grid hay racks
-2 water bottles
-1 Dish for pellets
-2 pigloos that I use occasionally
-2 grid tunnels with fleece strips
-3 sets of fleece and towels
-Several card board boxes used for hidys
-3 wooden chew toys
-wooden chew sticks
-Dustpan and Broom for sweeping the cage each day
-Oxbow pellets
-Oxbow Orchard Grass hay
-Litter for litter boxes (type varies)
-plenty of veggies
2 2X4 C&Cs.
1 Plastic puzzle piece hidey.
1 Twig tunnel.
4 Food bowls, two regular pet store bowls, two converted baby food bowls.
2 Water bottles, planning on getting more soon.
2 Hay containers, they're really plastic boxes with entry holes cut in them.
1 Blue pigloo.
1 Hay tunnel.
1 Bird Toy.
4 Sets of fleece and towels, planning on getting more.
1 Cuddle cup, used only for holding time and special occasions.
1 Pet store cage, just in case.
8 Hand towels, for lap time.
1 Carrier.
Timothy hay.
Oxbow Pellets.
1 set of nail clippers.
1 Bottle of mineral oil.
2 Syringes, we got kitten sized ones at my dogs vet, in case of an emergency.
1 Shower curtain, for floor time.
1 Dust pan and broom, for fleece sweeping.
2 Extra pet store hay containers.
1 Spray bottle.
1 Cat litter scooper, for when I used shavings.
2 Big bags of shavings I'm saving for when I get their upper decks.
I think that's absolutely all of it.
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