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What did you guys think of the guinea pig movie, G-FORCE?


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Apr 3, 2012
What did you guys think of the movie, G-FORCE, featuring a cast of CGI guinea pigs?
It's an awesome movie, the only thing I don't like about it is that they feature the guinea pigs on wheels and have them with hamsters and mice.
I wish they had included a big disclaimer on that movie not to run out and get pet guinea pigs on a whim. I'm sure it had the "101 Dalmations" effect when it came out and that shelters had a big influx of piggies a couple of months later.
My kids and pigs watched it just the other day and I couldnt believe how attentive the pigs were...almost made me want to cover their cubes that night so they didn;t get any ideas and escape haha!
as Mufasa said it made a lot of kids here go and buy guinea pigs, we have no shelters or rescues here, so a lot of angry moms ended taking care of them >(.

But it was a very fun movie anyway, I wan to watch it with the pigs someday!
Animated movies are always hit or miss. I think this particular movie was a bit tacky. Last animated movies I've watched and thought were very well done is Arrietty and Tangled.

G-Force never even made me laugh once. This is coming from an adult, though. My taste in humor is different from a younger person's. ( Even though I watch My Little Pony:FIM and Pokemon) :eek:

The fact it also caused a lot of children to go out and buy guinea pigs is also a bit aggravating. I watched this movie after I got my first two pigs, and knew enough about them to cringe at this film.
This movie and Racing Stripes bother me. The writers did not do their research before writing the movie, and what kind of screenwriter does that? A horrible one. In Racing Stripes, a girl is jumping a course in the beginning on a horse, then the horse refuses the last jump so she immediately hops off the horse and turns him out to the pasture? Uh, what?
Guinea pigs on wheels with hamsters and mice? Uh, what? Why didn't the screenwriter RESEARCH before this film and see that piggies can't run on wheels?
So, no, I don't like it and I've never seen it.
In Racing Stripes, a girl is jumping a course in the beginning on a horse, then the horse refuses the last jump so she immediately hops off the horse and turns him out to the pasture? Uh, what?
Horse movies drive me crazy! Ever notice how they dub in all the fake whinny noises whenever horses are on screen in pretty much every movie? I've ranted about it so much that now my husband beats me to the punch if we're watching a movie together because he knows what I'm going to say. I also hate horse movies that make it look like a horse is born and suddenly trained for riding within a year. Uh, I don't think so.

The guinea pig stuff is worse though because of the potential for injury. I've lost count of the number of websites I've seen that recommend wheels and exercise balls for guinea pigs. I'm going to write an article for About.com on how just how dangerous they are.
Yeah and in G-FORCE, one of the kids in the movie put a guinea pig in a cramped small RC car which they drive him around with (even though the guinea pig is CGI). Hopefully this has not inspired any kids to try this at home with their guinea pigs.
Haha I think it looks like a cute film, haven't seen it, but now I have to!! The vid of the pig watching is cute.
I thought it was pretty cute but sent off the wrong message. There were balls, dressing up, putting make up on..kids are gonna look after that and think it looks fun. I actually own the movie so I will have to watch it with my girls sometime and see how they like it. :)
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