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What decision should I make?


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Jul 30, 2011
I've always wanted to provide another option for homeless animals. One opportunity came to me a couple days ago. A lady in my exact city offered me two bonded guinea girls about a year old. She originally had them and their supplies listed for $150, then lowered to $100, then offered everything free to me, realizing it was only her loss. I was immediately interested, but had a couple of restraints holding me back from instantly taking them. I was wondering what the advantages of having a guinea pig as a pet were, how rewarding it is, the work effort, and knowing that I would have to put up an argument to get them a nicely sized living area in my room. They would definitely get a c&c cage that exceeds standards, and premium care. I need to get back to the lady with my decision tomorrow morning as she needs to know whether to surrender them or hold them for me. Please answer my questions, I'd apprieciated help at my greatest time of need. Thank you.
Excuse me, in the last sentence I meant to put help instead of another word. Please excuse my mistake.
This is something that is hard to measure in precise terms but I would just have to say it is all worth it and then some.
I would totally go for adopting them! There is not much work involved, compared to bunnies, and just look around the forums to see their advantages, rewards, etc.

Check out Guinea Lynx and Cavy Spirit for care. I've also found this site helpful as well.

Basically, they need pellets, hay and vitamin C. The most recommended brands of pellets are KMS Hayloft, Oxbow, and Sweet Meadow. Same goes for hay. Give hay unlimitedly. Feed pellets per what the bag says.

For vitamin C., you need to give them a cup of veggies per pig per day. Check out this link: https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/. To sum it up, they need 1/8-1/4 slice of bell pepper, green leaf lettuce, and cilantro every day.

I think you know the housing requiremements. Check out the home page if not.

Make sure they get floor and lap time every day. (Lap time is the least important, however. It is just to get them to bond with you adn to spend some qualiy time with the pigs)

What exactly is holding you back?

Hope this helps! :)
It's just that if the effort level is too high, I do not feel I have the time for the commitment. How often do then need to be cleaned, how long should floor/ lap time be and such ? Those are my only restraints.
They don't need to be bathed. They take good care of that themselves. The only exception to this would be if they are long-haired pigs like Peruvians. Sometimes since their hair can drag on the floor, it can get dirty. Or poo can get stuck in their bum hair. Otherwise, no bathing.

As for floor time, that's the genius about the C&C cage. They get exercise on THEIR time, not yours. The cage is big enough to allow them to have that. Floor time is still important but should not be a deciding factor in your decision.

With that said, please enter into your decision knowing that owning a guinea pig is not labor free. These are not "stick in the cage and forget about them" pets. They need interaction every day. The fact that you would be getting two of them is definitely a plus so they can entertain each other but it does not let the owner off the hook for being present.

They are also expensive to own. Regular trips to the grocery store for veggies can add up (I usually buy vege that I will eat too). Also trips to the vet can get expensive as well.

This isn't meant to scare you off. Guinea pigs are wonderful pets and bring joy to lives everywhere. I really do hope you are able to decide to adopt those girls. I just want you to have all the facts before making that decision.
I would not forget about them, but would not be around 24/7 as I am in school during the day. But summer vac is coming, so all the more time to get bonded with them. I also do have a general idea of their care as I have been part of this site since July. I hope I can work this out. :) I really apprieciated he comments everyone, please keep them coming.
Awwww I hope that means you are leaning toward adopting them :) The very first thing you should do, if you do decide to get them, is make sure they are BOTH female. Many owners looking to rehome are well meaning but are simply unaware of how to properly sex a pig. You don't want to find yourself down the road uttering the phrase, "Where did these baby pigs come from?"
I thoroughly enjoy all 6 of my pigs. I have 2 boys in 1 cage, and 4 girls in another. It takes 5 minutes to chop their veggies (although some people don't do that), and another 5 min to sweep up the poops from the fleece. Another 10 minutes to wash and fill the water bottle, and top off the hay and put pellets in. I usually talk to them as I do this, and I call them over for "treats"-usually a piece of their favorite veggie. That's it. Once a week I change out the kitchen area and change the fleece. I take my fleece to the laundromat because it's so big and heavy that my washer can't handle it. I love the noises they make, and they are really fun to just sit and watch. I think you should get them. Good luck, and have fun!
Well, I am going to send a letter to my
Mom this morning for confirmation on this. Wish me luck! I've decided to get them :) I've included pigtures also. [GuineaPigCages.com] What decision should I make?[GuineaPigCages.com] What decision should I make?

Thanks !

-fingers crossed-
Good for you! Guinea pigs are great pets and you will find a lot easier than bunnies. A lot easier! A word of advice though, if school and activities get busy it might be a good idea to switch from fleece needing to wood chips or pellets. That type of bedding does not require daily up keep. I keep my piggies on fleece most of the time unless I'm out of town or overwhelmed with other stuff then I switch to kiln dried pine chips.

Best of luck!
Aw, I love the pigtures. They are adorable! I hope this works out for you. While I was surprised at the amount of care it takes to keep guinea pigs properly, I was comparing it to my limited experience with other small pets, which was mainly keeping a school hamster over vacation. As long as I give them food and water daily, which includes refilling their hay a couple of times as well as pellets and veggies, and spot clean their cages each day, they're good to go. I strip the cages once a week, and I try to give both lap time and floor time daily, but it sounds like yours will be in a large enough cage to not make that absolutely essential.
Well, my mom is persuaded and dad... But we can only take them if we can get the owners to pig-sit them when we go to Canada for a swim meet next weekend. -fingers crossed!-
Well, my mom is persuaded and dad... But we can only take them if we can get the owners to pig-sit them when we go to Canada for a swim meet next weekend. -fingers crossed!-

Good luck!! They're adorable, I hope you are able to adopt them!
So far so good! The only obstacle we had was keeping hem when we are going of of country for two days. NExt weekend, but she volunteered to pig sit for us! Everything is going great, and pickup is today! Just need to talk to dad one last time and arrange a pickup time, then they are mine! :)
YEA!!!! You'll love the piggies!! I defonetly agree with Inle_Rabbit switch from fleece to shavings of pellets when life just gets to crazy!!!
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