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Coroplast Alternatives What can I use for chloroplast?


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Jan 1, 2012
Hey I baught the wire storage cubes last night but I 'm going out ta buy cable ties to start building over the weekend. Thing is, I can't buy chloroplast. My fam kept saying no, is there anything else I can use for a bottom of the rabbit cage?
I don't want him to do his business all over my white carpet.. Thanks!
The coroplast only serves as a waterproof barrier to protect what ever the cage is sitting on, in your case, the white carpet.

You can use anything the will be water proof like a tarp, shower curtain, linolium floor tiling. You can be creative and try a few things to see what works best for you.

Good luck on the cage build. I had so much fun working on mine.lol
OHIO. I cannot get it online &: My family wouldn't be much help to get it,either.
My question is "why do you think they are non-absorbent?" It says nothing about that in the description and since they are foam, I would suspect that they will absorb. Do you have information to the contrary?

Sure, it looks like they would make an attractive bottom, but you will still have to cover them with absorbent materials and if the urine gets on the pads, they would be very difficult to sanitize and keep odor free.

Why not Coroplast? (note spelling....it is the trade name for corrugated plastic) It is lightweight, water repelling, and is easy to change out if you fancy a different color or it it gets worn. Are you having difficulty finding coro? If so, tell us where you live and we may be able to help you.

i bought the interlocking workout mats which i suspected to be non absorbent, since people do not want their own sweat to absorb into mats. i googled whether workout mats were absorbent and i found most weren't, so i took a chance and bought the mats and i have not had any issues with leaks or urine absorbing.

i layer quite a few towels and some fleece on top of the mats. with that said, i switch out and machine wash the fleece and towels every 2 days, wipe off the mat, and spot clean daily.

with the mats i have, any urine that isn't picked up by the towels dries on top of the mat. it's very, very easy to wipe off any urine with a rag, hot water, and soap- and i have not had any odor issues what so ever.

i can't tell if the coroplast question was directed at me, if so- i couldn't find any coroplast- i found a sign company but it was over $100 for coroplast. i spent around 2 weeks trying to figure out coroplast alternatives. i was going to give up on the alternatives and take the easy way out and simply buy a pre-made cage from the c&c website, but i was not going to spend $88 on a cage and $33 for shipping and handling. i decided to try out interlocking workout mats- the cage only cost $40 and is so, so easy to clean and maintain.
I use a shower curtain. :)
In my opinion, you can make the coroplast looknice, idk why your family wouldnt want you to do it, it's probably the best thing for your pet (relatively safe), and the variety of colors can work very well with matching your decor.

But, as @Catahoula said, you can use basically anything that's waterproof. If you want something that will look nice, you should probably go for the flooring, maybe you can find something that will match your decor. But if you just want something plain old cheap, you can use a shower curtain or tarp, and throw them out when they get too dirty to clean. Just be careful about your piggies chewing, cause the more flexible sheet-like things can tear into strips and bind up their digestive system.
Okay thanks soo much guys. I think I'd use a shower curtain possibly. :)
i use a shower curtain, with newspaper on top and dog pee pads underneath.

What can I use for chloroplast?
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