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General What can I make for my guinea pigs? (sewing w. fleece) + pic of the cage!

Mr. Pig

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May 28, 2012
I would like to know what and how i can make some things for my 2 year old boys I have a lot of fleece what are some fun stuff I can make for them out of it that they would enjoy?! Some stuff I can put in there cage some stuff they can sleep in and lay on top off and some stuff i can use with them outside in playtime!

here is a picture of my cage so you can see how basic it is.. I feel I need some new stuff for them! :)

[GuineaPigCages.com] What can I make for my guinea pigs? (sewing w. fleece) + pic of the cage!
You can make hidey huts, cuddle cups or tunnels for them. You can also make a hammock type thing for them as well. I never made any of my own, but it doesn't seem too hard to make them. You can find instructions on how to make them somewhere on here or online. Good Luck. I hope I helped you a bit. I wish I could have helped you some more.
Check out the Hop Tips and The accessories topics on the forum! Thats where I got my ideas! There are some tutorials on how to make items there :) LOVE! The cage!
I have sewn fleece lap pads w waterproof bottom. Cozy beds. Cozy sacs (these were a hit) . But the favorite thing for my piggies were just plain old fleece pads w some batting and microfiber inside. I made them to catch drips under the waterbottles. But the pigs kept laying on them. Now I have them all over the cages.

Oh I also made a flat 1x2 grid size sheet w some snaps on the side. I simply snapped it to the end of the cage to make a tent and my girls love it under there.
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