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Sad What can I do to help the piggies and rabbits?


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Oct 29, 2006
This is a very difficult situation and I am unsure what to do and what I have the right to do.

Last year me and my boyfriend rented a house. The house is on land which is shared with the neighbour down the other end of the garden. There is a shed which houses guinea pigs and rabbits. There are 3 of each. The neighbour takes care of them but I have access to the shed so can visit them. Two of the animals belong to my landlady and the rest belong to the neighbour (who is friends with my landlady who lives abroad).

I hadn't really gone into the shed over the winter but last week I went in. Their water was green! The bottles were caked with green gunge. All the animal's nails are very overgrown and are curling around on the piggies. One guinea pig is making a strange noise when he breathes in.

I contacted the landlady and told her all these things.

I cleaned their bottles and they were literally caked in green stuff from the sun. The green stuff was all floating in the green discoloured water.

The landlady said she would send someone to cut their nails but nothing has been done yet! She told me that the piggie making the noise has been like that for ages but the neighbour never felt the need to take her to the vet and has just decided that that's just the way she is.

The animals are stuck in this shed day in and day out...no stimulation, they never get outside and never get to run around.

I am so frustrated and sad for them and feel so helpless. It feels like they are just left there till they die. What kind of life is that?!

What can I do to help them? I considered ringing the RSPCA but it would be obvious it was me as no-one else can see them. I don't even know if it would be enough for the RSPCA to do anything.

I offered to take care of them myself but the landlady told me that they belong to the neighbour and not her.

Sorry, I don't know what I am expecting to get from posting this but I just need to share it with people who actually care about animals.

You first need to contact the neighbor by maybe asking the landlady if you could speak with them, or directly ringing on their doorbell. If you cannot reach them leave a note on their door about the problems. Specifically state in the conversation/note that if their is nothing done about the condition in 3 days- a week (depending on how bad it is) you will call the RSPCA. As you are well aware, this condition can't be left alone. It warms my heart to see someone care so much about animals they do not own :) ❤️
EDIT: I just found out a fact abut algae (green stuff) in their water: "Drinking water from a source containing blue-green algae can cause muscle tremors, diarrhea, lack of coordination, collaspe, labored breathing, liver damage, and death."(broken link removed)
Can you talk to the neighbor? S/he may welcome the help. Can you do their nails yourself?

Costs nothing to ask, and you have nothing to lose!
Thank you for your replies.

I know I should speak to the neighbour. I think i am worried that she will think I am sticking my nose in. But the animals are more important than that. She has so many animals. She has a dog and tonnes of birds in an aviary and chickens. You would think someone who wants so many animals would care for them properly.

I am a bit cautious of cutting their nails as it;s isn't something I have ever done and I think you have to be careful not to make them bleed. Also, they are not tame at all as they get very little human interaction. They are so scared and i would be worried about dropping them and hurting them.

They just look so sad and bored.

That fact about green water is awful.

I think the animals are overweight. I think that is maybe what is causing the problems with breathing. They have what looks like double chins.

The piggie needs to get to the vets.

Talk to the neighbor. If that doesn't work I would try contacting a rescue or shelter and finding out what the laws are about this situation. Something needs to be done. You need to speak out for the animals even if it will sour the relationship with your neighbor since they cannot speak for themselves.
Is there a pet store or vet nearby? Their nails can be trimmed there. Exercise caution when picking up guinea pigs/rabbits that are not well taken care of. They may carry disease 2 pairs of thick winter gloves or snake handling gloves should be worn when tryng to pick up scared and possibly diseased pigs. You are such a nice person.
P.S. please notify your neghbor that the authorities will be called if nothing is done.
Thank you for your replies. I have found someone who will come and cut their nails so I am going to e-mail the landlady to tell her. This doesn't solve the other problems but it's a start. It's a very difficult situation as the neighbour is friends with my landlady so i risk souring my relationship with her too...however, I think these poor animals need rescuing. Something needs to be done. I will see what my ladylady says.

Take pictures... I'd hate for you to get in any trouble for anything when all you are doing is trying to help. Save the e-mails.
You are an amazing person to care so much for animals that you dont own. Those poor babies.
Definitely call a local rescue or organisation of the like-- Those Piggies need help. It will feel good to help them. Animal cruelty is definitely serious even for small animals.

So just call, that's all you can do. A lot of people are scared to call because they know it will be obvious it was them-- but animal cruelty is against the law and should not be tolerated.
Ok I will do. I have e-mailed her about their nails so I will see what she says.

I will keep you updated and thank you for everyone's advice. :0)
The thing is, they are in a shed which has cages built in. They aren't squashed but they havn't got room to have a good run. They are fed and watered (although the bottles aren't kept clean). The issues are their nails, the breathing and the fact that they never get out and seem overweight. I don't know whether the RSPCA would do anything as they are fed and watered and sheltered. I don't know how the bad the conditions need to be before they act upon it.
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