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C&C What can I add to my cage?

Mr. Pig

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Cavy Slave
May 28, 2012
They aren't bored of it yet but when my boys are bored of it I'd like to have some additions to the cage in mind!

So I'm coming to the experts for your opinions on what to add?

What are something that I can just put in the cage houshould items..? I'm going to make a small loft up top and also, for water i think they are having trouble getting the water out of the bottle and am wondering if I should put it in a glass dish would that be 0kay aswell?

But yeah looking for thinks I can toss in the cage for them :) and they are both 2 years old and pretty big!

[GuineaPigCages.com] What can I add to my cage?
my piggies have log arches, they love them haha! they also love theyre cardboard tunnels but the tear the top layer off
I would remove the sticker on the Pigloo, just so that they don't nom on it. :)

My piggies really love shoe boxes with archways cut into them. I just use my little Swiss army knife to cut the arches, and the pigs love to headbutt them around the cage, and move them around while they are under the boxes.

They also like toilet paper rolls filled with hay; as long as you remove as much of the left over TP as you can, then it is completely safe and lovely fun for the pigs.
I'd recommend a fleece forest. All 3 of mine love it.
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