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Cage What cage to get?


Cavy Slave
May 30, 2012
So I got my 2 guinea pigs for christmas in a desperately small cage and can tell that they are not very happy in it. And I am getting a new cage, I was looking at the ones on guineapigzone.com and I dont know whether to get the double deck or the single floor. But if I were to get the single floor I could always add to that right? And I would like one of the jumbo ones because I plan on adopting maybe 2 more pigs from my local guinea pig rescue. So I was wondering which is a better choice the single floor or the double deck??
For your 2 Guinea Pigs you are going to want a 2x4 C&C cage. If they are males, a 2x5 works best but bigger is always better.

I believe that if you are going to have 4 Guinea Pigs, one of the jumbo sized cages won't work unless you can get a 2x7. 2x7 would be the minimum for 4 Guinea Pigs.

So if you have 2 Guinea Pigs that are female a 2x4 would work great, for 2 males a 2x5 would work great, and anything more than that I can't really help you with.
Although bigger is always better, a 2x6 is fine for 4 pigs.
Like both lissie and Zuidy said, a 2x6 is okay for 4 pigs, but bigger is always better. If you decide to get a cage with an upper level, remember not to count the upper part in for the square footage, they need it all in one area to run around or do laps.

Personally, I like single floors. I've never actually had one with a upper level, but I've heard that the pigs hide under them making them harder to take out of the cage and they are harder to clean under.
As to the upper floor... I like mine. A LOT! It's where I keep their hay so *most* of the mess stays up there. I had such an issue with the hay mess when I had my kitchen down stairs. Mine is only 1 grid wide so I don't have too much of a problem catching them or cleaning under it. Actually, they tend to run upstairs and then I can catch them super easy.

I'd hate to have a 2 grid wide upstairs though. I think that is when you'd run into it being more of a pain.
Yeah, don't get a cage with an upper level built in. You can come up with a creative way to zip tie a ramp to an upper level to add on later so it is easy to clean.

I have a ramp the is completely detachable by using Velcro.
Thank you for the advice, one last question, I have a cat so should I get a cover. I dont know if she would bother the pigs since they are bigger but she ate one of my hamsters.
I would get a cover, better safe, than have your pigs eaten.
Yes you should always have a cover with cats. Especially because she killed your hamster. She could easily hurt your piggies
so, if you have males, i would go for the bigger cage for sure. i had 3 boys in a 2X5 and that was just too small for them - there was pretty much constant bickering. i expanded to a 3X5 and they're much happier with almost no fighting. as to adopting other pigs - i surely understand you wanting to do that! guinea pigs are like Jello - there's always room for one more. the only thing you MUST keep in mind (in my opinion) is that there is no guarantee that the pigs you adopt will get along and live peaceable together with the pigs you already have. i had quite a prolonged experience with adopting pigs and having them not get along. plan A is that they will love each other like long lost friends and all will be well. but plan B always has to be: is there room to have a second cage, just in case the newly adopted pigs do not get along with the ones you already have. as long as you're prepared for both possibilities - full steam ahead!! and welcome to The I-Can-Never-Have-Enough Club!
she ate one of your hamsters ?!?!?!?!?!?! THATS TERRIBLE. Yes definitely get a cover, and keep that cat away from the guinea pigs!
A cover would be absolutely necessary...your cat is still bigger than the pigs and a safety threat. If you are doing a cover, I would go without a loft area -just to keep it easy and the entire cage can be covered. As far as size, the only advice I can give you is to measure out the biggest area possible in your home for a cage and imagine a hidey for each, hay area, and running room. We live in an apartment and have 2 boars in a 2x3 with a 1x2 loft. While it is substantial, bigger would be much better. It seemed like it would be plenty big before we got them in it!
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