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What are ways to spice up my guinea pig's diet?


Cavy Slave
May 31, 2012
Well, I know this is an "Introduce Yourself" thread, but I'm gonna' go ahead and post an actual question anyways. I feed my guinea pigs Small World: Complete Feed for Guinea Pigs and All Living Things Natural Timothy Hay. Oh, and of course fresh water. Everyday, my boars each get 1 large leaf of red/green leaf lettuce, 1 small slice of bell pepper, 1 baby carrot, and 4 sprigs of cilantro. Even though I give them a different color of leaf lettuce and bell pepper every other day, I assume they get bored of the same food week after week. Suprisingly, my guinea pigs don't like fruit. The only fruit they'll eat is tomato.
Can you get them better pellets? Small World pellets (and any other brand you can get from Wal-Mart) are made with mostly alfalfa or wheat, and timothy based pellets without food coloring or seeds are best.
You're close enough to Tennessee and Kentucky horse country that you should be able to buy good timothy hay at less than $10 per bale. Buying it at a pet store is THE most expensive way to get it.

You can also probably order the pellets on the market from (broken link removed) for less than you can buy any kind from a pet store.

Up the veggies some. Each adult pig needs one cup of vegetables per day. See https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/ for what you can feed and how often.
If u can find some UNTREATED grass pick some! Piggies will go crazy for them and u can engage thier mind by teaching them how to walk in a circle and "stand up" for their treat. My piggies love it :)
Oh, you mean like Oxbow Cavy Cuisine? Sorry, but I can't spend $25 on a tiny bag of guinea pig food everytime they need more. What else would you recommend?
What do you mean? Do I just go to a nearby farm and ask to buy some hay? I guess I could do that. Ordering pellets off a website everytime we run out doesn't really seem like a good idea. It would just be easier to buy them from a pet store. As for the vegetables? I'm pretty sure I'm giving them the right amount of vegetables. I meant my boars get 1 large leaf of lettuce EACH, 1 small slice of bell pepper EACH, etc.
@cavysavvy98, $25 buys a LOT of pellets which will last a LONG time. The recommended amount of pellets per guinea pig is only 1/8 cup per day.

I split a 25 pound bag of KM pellets with a neighbor, which costs me a little less than $20, and we only buy about every 6-8 months (we each have two guinea pigs). That's between $2.50 and $3.00 per month, which isn't expensive at all.

And no, I wouldn't go to a farm and ask for hay. I'd call the feed and seed stores, look in the newspaper and on Craig's List, or google "timothy hay" and "nashville" to find some.

The main thing you need to watch out far is that it shouldn't have fescue in it, nor much alfalfa.
We buy Sweet Meadow Pellets, which are equally as good as Oxbow, but are cheaper. We buy a 50lb bag and with shipping it comes out to be $56, which is a steal! They last around 9ish months or more with my 3 girls. And yes buying a bale of hay is super cheap! 50lb of hay for $6 dollars from a feed store or $20 for 4lb at the petstore. As far as veggies each pig should get about a cup of fresh veggies everyday. My girls get lettuce (romaine,red or green leaf), cilantro, zuchinni, yellow squash, green bell pepper and a little carrot everyday. I add in random things like other kinds of lettuce, tomato, parsley, green beans, etc and feed a different one of those every week.
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