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Play What are some easy home made ideas I can use for my guinea pigs cage?

Guinea Pigzzzzz

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May 6, 2012
I have 2 boars and they are in a cage that is 3x4 grids connected to a 2x6 section (10.5 ft. across and talk about spoiled, they are on a $1600 table lol), I have 5 different hidey places in there and numerous amounts of tunnels.
Every now and then I will throw a few newspaper pieces into the cage and toilet rolls stuffed with hay.
But that is about all, I know its a huge cage, but it seems so boring to me for some reason lol, they are always popcorning and running laps, but what else do guinea pigs love?
I have the space to do what I wish, I am cleaning their cage out at the moment and about to mix all of the tunnels and hideys up, so I wanna try adding something new, fun and easy to make.
Love watching them explore once they get back in there, they will be jumping all around going from tunnel to tunnel, hidey to hidey, food dish to food dish lol. (I have two kitchen areas on either end of the cage)

All ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks!
May I see some pic's of your cage?
May I see some pic's of your cage?

Sure, I only got a pic of it before the upgrade on one side because my blackberry usb thing broke recently, so the pic I will put up is only of the cage as 2x9. Although now on one side it is 3x4.
Unlike a lot of other animals, guinea pigs aren't so into "toys". You can find creative ways to dispense their food. For example, hay, veggies or pellets in scrunched up newspaper or under a towel or piece of newspaper. Try mixing different hays together, along with some veggies, and pigs will enjoy having a mini-forage for their favourite food. You could try adding a second level or a loft to the cage. Some guinea pigs enjoy running up and down the ramps.

Your cage sounds like it's pretty entertaining for pigs, though. Your two pigs probably entertain each other quite a bit. Guinea pigs tend to be food oriented and socially oriented. So the only "games" they tend to play should involve either food or a cage mate.

Some pigs like little balls with bells in them. I occasionally put one in my pigs' cage and sometimes they ignore it, other times they roll it around for awhile, or "play football" with it. By "play football" I mean that one will pick it up and run away with it and they'll all try and get it off that pig. The game usually ends when they all realise that it's not food, though.
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